Asbjørns birthday party

partlycloudy.gifWe saw the sun again today. +6C and cold winds. I dont like the cold winds.

I got up early and cleaned the apartment before I had to start the cake baking. I have promised Ornella to help out for Asbjoerns birthdayparty preparations this way. So I went for chocolate cake and I know they already like it because Ornella asked for this kind – hehe. The french showed up at 1:30. They seem so nice ! They got the key and took off. They had apartments to look at. They have just moved from France and and are looking for both apartments and job. I cant imagine them having any problems with none of them.

Ornella missed me and as soon as Asbjoern got out of the house she called for me to say I could come to hers. It is a surprise party we are having for his 39th birthday. So, she has made a very clever plan. We are having a Tupperware party !!! hehe. Not exactly, but only that way do we get him out of the house so that we could plan the surprise party and get ready for the guests to show up. Maren and I showed up early and we decorated with balloons, fingerfood and prepared the punch bowl. This is really going to be a GREAT party !

All our guests was present before the tupperware party was over and we called for Asbjoern to come home. MY oh my he was REALLY surprised. I think we must have been 18 people in the apartment singing the birthday song to welcome him. We had a great time. Playing games (Loteria) and getting to know new people. Fantastic. The food was great. The snacks were great and the drinks were great.

As I got home the frenchies was already asleep so I tried to be as quiet as possible. Dead tired anyway.


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