First day at work at Aker Kvaerner

sunny.gifWith a max temperature of +15C today it was a gorgeous day and Sun was shining. I like days like this. Even though. It was cold wind.

I got up early and tried not to wake up my french Couchsurfers, Jeff and Myriam. I got myself out of the ap. to catch the train at 8:10am and I was exited about my first day at the new work.

I did good and I had a couple of meeting with my boss and group leader to find out my responsabilities and I got one application to start on right away. I am going to prepare a program called Napa for installation and test on the network. Then the script group will make a logon script and I will re-test that all is ok before letting the customers get access to the application. Quite interesting and something I have wanted to do for a long time.

I got to go home around 4 this day because it was my first day. I went home to have dinner with frenchies and then I spent a little time watching TV with them and chatting before I updated my home page for a while.

I miss Costa Rica still but at least I am having a lot of fun with all that is happening around me. New Job. Lots of Couchsurfing activities and lots of fun.


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