Dinner guest at home

sunny.gif+15Cs today as well. It is not as good as 33 but Itll do. Way better than 0 at least. Its spring. Its spring. Tralalalalala.

Work is good. Ive started reading a book that seems quite intersting today. Monkeys are made of chocolate it is called. It has lots of stories about Costa Rica with facts and some interesting stories woven into it. Lucky for you guys all the stories are published online already and I will add them to my blog as you read them.
I read 3 stories to and from work today and thay are:
Monkeys are made of chocolate, A Tale of Tzimin and Bolom and Raven Meets Toboba Tiznada.

This book is consuming. It is really good and the stories that Jack Ewing writes are really interesting. They make me want to live in the rain forest (not that I did not want that before but now even more !), they make me want to work hard to save the animals of the forest and to listen to the wonderful sounds of the rain forest. I am impressed by being so touched by a book again. Its been long.

I got home and stopped to pick up some groceries before I was having a friend over for dinner. (Opera Morten). Its good catching up after not having seen my friends for such a long time. We had a great time dining, having a couple of drinks and watching a movie.
When Morten left I went straight to bed. Exhausted. And tomorrow its the time for a new round with guests. I need to calm down a bit.


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