CS Italia – Maurizio and Claudio visits

sunny.gifWe had an amazing sunny weather and up to +15C degrees today. Not a cloud to spot on the sky and really great spring weather. There was some wind but not that much.

After breakfast today I headed out at 7:30 to catch the train to work. On board I read more chapters from the book I started 2 days ago, monkeys are made of chocolate. I just had time to read one story on my way to work, Eating the seed corn, but it is touching to read about the abuse the human raze performs on mother earth.
This book is really awakening.

At work today most of my collegues were in a vacation mood. So was I but I still managed to work pretty intense. I am starting to get a good hold on what I am supposed to do at work as well. And it is interesting ! I got off at 3:45pm and went straight in to the city to meet up with 2 italian Couchsurfers that I am going to host this weekend. I did get time to read two more stories: Who says you cant teach an old sloth new tricks and
There is a fungus among us. Who knew ants cultivated fungus in their nests? And in such an advanced way.

Claudio and Maurizio was already waiting for me at the sentral station and we went home where they cooked for me. A great Italian pasta dish. Pasta Carbonara.

We had some wine (in MILK glasses – I never drink wine in Milk glasses with my friends – hehe. But it was a great experience). After dinner we went downtown and met up with Jeff and Myriam where we went to asylet bar to have drinks. Some other Couchsurfers also came along like Ricard “Zalle”, Knut Ole and a friend of Zalle that I dont remember the name of. Italian and me went home with the last train at 1:10am and the others partied on. The italians was amazed to see the drunkest woman they had ever seen. She suffered from hickups and was almost out of shape to sit in the seat on the train. hehehe.

Well then, There is a new day tomorrow. I made the beds for the italians in the living room before I went to bed. I was soo tired and I think I used 3 seconds to fall asleep.


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