Memories of the jungle – at home

sunny.gif+6C and cold winds. It seems so nice from the inside but then it turns so cold when you go out.

I woke up and made the italians a real good norwegian breakfast. They made me dinner last night so then it is my turn now. After that we prepared for the new day and took of to the local grocery shop. It is located about 15minutes walk. Ok it is at the closest mall and I picked up a package that was sent to Mariann, a friend that is coming to visit next weekend, for easter. We picked up food we needed for the night. Stopped by the post office to get the package and then returned home again.

On our way home Jorunn S called to see if I would be home later this afternoon so she could stop by with a painting she has framed for me. She is a frame maker and makes an excellent work.

The painting is a painting I bought in Costa Rica for 400$ after bargaining the price down from 800$. I just love it. It looks kinda real. It looks so real that when you put on a CD with jungle sounds you feel you are there and you can reach out to touch the Callas and put them on the table in a vase.
I was very anxious to actually see the work and decided to show the italians how to get to the city by themselves. I had to be home for my painting to arrive.
Well, the italians are grown up people. They know english and will manage fine with a little alone time.
Jorunn S came with my picture at 2:30pm and It looks beautiful. I’ve already found a place for it and put it up on the wall. It is just perfect !

The Italians came back and they made me dinner again that we all enjoyed a lot. Another pasta dish with fresh veggies. We enjoyed it with wine and music and prepared for party. Our first guests came at 7:30pm. Jeff and Myriam.
John came a little later and we all went downtown at 11pm. We had a bar-to-bar round starting at Steamen bar before moving over to Aker Brygge. John and the french left us at this moment.

I took the boys to Underbar bar under the Beer Palace at Aker Brygge. There is an open fire place there and we had a couple of beers before taking the nightbus home at 4am. At the bus there were 4 Dominicans that made a lot of noise. Singing, dancing and flirting with everything that looked like a woman.
I was happy when I could finally sleep again. I was so tired when I got to bed.


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