Touristing Oslo

sunny.gif+10C and warm sunny weather. Still blowing pretty bad.

I woke up around 10 today since it was sunday and we were out last night. I woke up the guys in the living room and we all had a great breakfast. Since the weather was beautiful we soon headed towards the city and had a lot of touristy things on the program. My role today was as a tourist guide for my italian guests.

First post was Holmenkollen, Oslos most famous skijump used during the 1954 Olympics. We metroed back to the city and our next stop was the Vigeland park.
The park was created by sculptor Gustav Vigeland between the years 1907 and 1942. Most of the sculptures date from the years 1926 to 1942. The park has as its theme what could be called the “Human Condition.” Most of the statues depict people engaging in various typically human persuits, such as running, wrestling, dancing, hugging, holding hands and so on. However, Vigeland occasionally included some statues that are more abstract, and to some degree defy understanding. Such as the “Man attacked by Babies” statue, which shows an adult male, fighting off a horde of tiny babies.
I think I am definately in a better shape than the italians because they were pretty tired after those two activities and we went home :)

Tonight it was my turn to make dinner and I started preparing as soon as we came home. I prepared steak from moose meat and Cream gratinated potatoes with brokkoli and relish. It tasted really good might I say myself and the italians seemed to like it too. At least they finished up everything we had to eat and continued long after they were satisfyed. hehe.
Well the italians did dishes and then we watched TV before all going early to bed.


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