Needles and pins and a long walk with Ornella

Today we had a beautiful day. It was cold, only +7C but sunny and beautiful day ! I would have really loved to be outside to enjoy the day instead of working. But I did get out in the afternoon at least.

I woke up around 6:30am to go to work. I think my Italian Couchsurfers were up before I was because I heard them in the living room before I got to open my eyes. They were getting ready to leave and go back home today. I made breakfast before we took off to get the 7:10 train to work. They hopped off at Oslo Sentral station and I continued to work.

After work I had planned to meet Jorunn E to give her a picture, but I forgot to bring it from work so we agreed to meet tomorrow instead and then I headed towards Oppsal.
I spent most of the time reading and I read 2 stories from Jack Ewings book monkeys are made of chocolate. You can read the chapters here:

Everybody Loves Toucan Sam the Fruit Loop Bird. Or Do They? and
Buffalo Herds, Beer and a Disease Free World.

I arrived early at Oppsal and went for a tan for 30 minutes before going to Karis Alt i Balanse clinic for a reflexology and acupunture treatment.

From there I walked to Ornellas house at Tveita. She joined me for a walk to Furuset (about 6 km) where we both went shopping for groceries before going to each our home. Ornella is great company. She has a great humor and she is a great friend.

My baby (the cat) was pretty sick and tired of being alone so I had to play with him for a while when I got home and then I watched a movie about climbing the K2 mountain before going to bed.


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