Meeting up with friends

Today we had another sunny day with about +7C and mostly great weather. Just sad I had to stay in to work and could not enjoy it !

I got up at 7am today to go to work, made myself some breakfast, prepared my lunch to go and had a cup of tea before leaving to get the 7:30 train. Efficient if I must say so myself.

I continued reading my Monkeys are made of chocolate book on the train to work and todays story was The Good guys and the bad guys.
It was great. I love that book (Read the story by clicking on the title link).

Its easter time and at work today we were: the two new guys (me and Mr. India) and one of the regular staff. Not very many, but at I got to listen to my music, read documentation and try to install a test version of the program I am working on for the moment.

John came over from Wilhelmsen to have lunch with me. We had a great time.

Work today was pretty good. I am preparing an application for Installation and I’ve spent several days already to prepare for test installation by reading documentation and talking to people that has had previous responsability. Today I started test installing and that was fun. I am also documenting what I am doing during the installation. It is quite interesting.

On my way home I stopped by Jorunn E’s house to visit her before going home.

I continued reading my book on my way home and the story was called Not a tree to hug.

For the night I had some easy dinner and spent the time in front of the computer finally having time to reply e-mails. I had over 40 in one inbox. Cheesus. I also had time to update entries in my blog. I also watched a movie before going to bed.

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