Good friday – and my sister Ingrids birthday !

Temperatures has dropped badly today. We had a max of +6C but still sunny and nice. It was freezing last night. Brrr.

Mariann and I both woke up late. It was great to sleep in. I got out from my room and checked my e-mails in the morning before making breakfast. Mariann got up and got the bed in the livingroom back to a sofa and we had a calm and long breakfast. We watched movies, relaxed and then I made cinnamon roles. I tried out making them with eggs in the recepy. It turned out to be the best cinnamon roles I have ever made.

We also watched an old childrens movie called Kamilla and the thief.

It was made back in the end of the 80s and casts Morten Harket from the most world-famous norwegian group A-HA as one of the actors.

It is a cute movie and we had many good laughs from it remembering this movie from when we were kids.


Read more here (PS: In Norwegian):

When the cinnamon roles were all done Mariann and I brought some of them, a bottle of wine and a birthday gift and headed towards my sisters place. It is her 29th birthday today and that has to be celebrated. Her friend Elin was there too and we got great carrot cake ! Yuppie !
Poor Christian though, surrounded by 4 women, seemed to not get enough attention.

We had a great time though and when we got home later that night we watched a movie called the skeleton key before going to bed.


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