And the snowstorm continues

Mariann had to go back to London today. I feel sad about that because who knows when well be able to meet up again.

It was 2 years since she last visited now and I went there once last year.
Well. Not much to do about that. Thank God for Internet and broadband and skype and etc… At least its easy to keep in touch that way despite the distance.

The snowstorm continued and Jorunn S stopped by with my other cat, Whitey (Lillegutt).

She was house cleaning and needed him to be out of the way. He stays there because he is way to sociable for what I can offer. He wants to have people around him 24/7 to be happy and I can’t offer anything near that. Jorunn has housband Tor and daughter Margaret to help out on the company side. And .. Whitey does not like changes… hehe. So whenever it is cleaning time I borrow him for some days :) I love borrowing him though.
But he punishes me for not being with him 100% of the time by peeing on the floor in my apartment and he does not pee at her place so obviously he likes it better there. He did seem happy to be back today though. Sniffing around. hehe.

I spent much of the day relaxing and I even watched a movie Gorillas in the mist with Sigourney Weaver, portraying the life of Dian Fossey, living with the Gorillas in Rwanda.

A Kentucky woman, Dian Fossey, is inspired by an anthropologist Louis Leakey to devote her life to the study of primates. Travelling into deepest Africa, Fossey becomes fascinated with the lives and habits of the rare mountain gorillas of the Rwandan jungle. She has a romance with National Geographic photographer Bob Campbell.

Appalled by the poaching of the gorillas for their skins, hands and heads, Fossey complains to the Rwandan government, which dismisses her, claiming that poaching is the only means by which some of the Rwandan natives can themselves survive. She rejects this and dedicates herself to saving the African Mountain gorilla from illegal poaching and likely extinction. To this end, she forms and leads numerous anti-poaching patrols, burning down the poachers’ villages and even staging a mock execution of one of the offenders.

Fossey is mysteriously murdered on December 26, 1985, in the bedroom of her cabin, but her actions to help save the gorillas pay off greatly and the species is saved from extinction.

It was a great portrait of Dians life and a nice way to learn more about mountain Gorillas.


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