Sister Linda visiting for the weekend

We were up to +17C again today. More or less the same weather as yesterday, cloudy in the morning with some sun and in the afternoon more and more sun.

Half awake I registred that Linda was standing looking at me for a couple of times. When she saw that I was not responding she went and came back for a couple of times. No way that I was gonna be able to sleep in.

Daddy left at 9pm to prepare for a new days work at the home and sparetime fair where he is trying to sell lots and us two girls went on to watch movies and having pancackes for breakfast. At midday we prepared for meeting Jorunn and Margaret again to visit Lindeberg farm again. Today is the day of the horse, with horseback riding, drawing competitions etc. We spent some good hours at the farm again and fed the birds and rabbits, Linda got to ride a horse and participate a sledge ride as well. I think she had a blast of a time.
Our 2 sister ingrid came up there with one of her friends, Silja and Linda throwed herself around her neck when she saw her. It is so great to see that she loves us so much !. She is a wonderful KID.

When Jorunn and Margaret went home, Linda, Ingrid, Silja and I went back to my place to have a barbeque in the garden. It was amazing with the sunny weather to be outside. My friend Frank came by as well and before we knew it we were many. When my dad came from the fair we fed him as last before he and Linda had to go back home. Linda was wondering why she couldnt live with me for another couple of weeks and I tried explaining to her that I had to work and that mom and dad would be sad if they could not have Linda with them. But that she could come back when ever she wants to later. She is the cutest.

Ingrid and Silja left and Frank and I chatted and watched pictures from my costa rica trip before he left as well.

I have realized this weekend that you get really tired from taking care of kids !! They want your attention all the time. But they are great.

partlycloudy.gifToday was colder, +14C but still the same wonderful sunny weather. The wind was what made it so cold. Some clouds in the morning but mostly sunny.

Suddenly I woke up from a creepy feeling of beeing watched. Then tickled and Lindas childish voice asking me if it was ok to watch TV. I was still half asleep and replied: Soon my child. Go sleep some more (it was only 6:30). Then half an hour later she came back to check on me again and I had to give up on sleeping. Daddy was already in the kitchen where he was making breakfast. He had to take off pretty soon. He had this exhibition he worked on all weekend to try to sell Lots in his new project. He has 75 lots for sale and the place is gorgeous.

So the 2 sisters were on our own again. We had a lot planned for the day. Taking the bus, going to an open farm with animals and then visiting Jorunn and Margaret again before going to the movies. We started out taking the bus to meet J&M and hiked to Lindeberg farm where we spent quite a few hours. It was really nice to look at the hens, chickens, ducks, geese, picking eggs, holding rabbits, feeding goats, looking at the huge mama pig and 2 smaller baby pigs (though small? hehe. Not exactly). We also saw 3 cats, a dog, 6 cows and many horses and sheeps. The kids even jumped in the hey and got hey everywhere. We drew horses for a competition and enjoyed a lot before having lunch at Jorunn and Tors place.

Then we took the metro. Linda lives a place where they do not have trains or metro nor trikk so all this was very exiting for her. We hopped off at the National theather station and straight to the movies. We bought our tickets and Linda even got a diploma for her very first visit to a cinema. We saw My neighbour Totoro. A japanese anime film (dubbed into norwegian of course). Both Linda and Margaret loved it and I think I can guarantee that both Jorunn and I liked it a lot.
Totoro is a forest spirit that little Mei, and later her older sister Satsuki, encounter in a giant camphor tree near their new home in the countryside. Although their father, a university professor, is with them when they move, their mother is in the hospital, recovering from some unnamed illness. When Mei hears that her mother’s condition may be worsening, she resolves to visit her all by herself. When everyone realizes she’s missing, only Totoro knows how to find her!

After the movies all 4 of us went to Aker Brygge to have an ice cream and let the kids play a bit before going home. It was already 7:30pm when we went back to the house where Daddy was waiting. It had been a very nice day for the child and she was telling both daddy and mom (over the phone) about all the exiting things we had done during the day.
The kid was exhausted when finally going to bed, falling asleep on the sofa.
Even I was exhausted and made the sofa to go to bed myself.

+18C and beautiful sunny weather today. Windy but gorgeous.

I got up very early today. I had to be at work at 6:45am to be able to work good for some hours before my 5 year old sister Linda was dropped off around 10am at my work.
I had not seen her for quite some months (almost 6 to be more exact) since I was working way more than healthy is before I left for my 3 months vacation to Costa Rica, nor after my vacation since I have just started up my new job and I am expecting my first salary !

My dad dropped her off and she spent 4.5 hours with me at my work before we could head home. She drew, she chatted and she make pearlnecklaces. My little assistant worked as hard as I did. We had lunch with my collegues but sister is pretty shy so It was not so fun to mingle.

When we left we took a stroll down to the Lysaker Harbor enjoying the warm fantastic weather before taking the train back home where we played for quite some time with cars in the grass (burying them under grass – making houses for them to hide from predators that would wanna catch them. We were in the jungle must understand). Then we went looking for (and picking) flowers.
When my kitchen was full of glasses with small flowers we went over to visit Jorunn, Tor and Margaret. Jorunn and Tor are some of my best friends and Margaret is their daughter thats 8 years old. Linda takes some time to warm up, but when Margaret found one of her teddybears that could sing when touched, we all held hands and let go until hear bear started over again, she finally melted and ran off to play.

We stayed at Jorunn and Tors place until our dad picked us up at 8:30 and went home where we watched childrens movies and had some dinner. We were quite tired.


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