Weekend friday june 8 – sunday june 10

The full weekend has been just amazing. +30C and not one single cloud to spot on the sky. A mild breeze at daytime and tropical nights (defined as temperatures no lower than +20C). Many people complain about it being to hot but it is just fantastic. Oh, Ive missed it so badly.

Sunday showed to be just as great as Saturday and I decided to go outside to study while enjoying the sun. That would have been a great plan but I got so tired that I went inside to sleep instead. I also studied a couple of hours inside and gave myself a pedicure. That was great. And did some Couchsurfing correspondance. A lazy day that I should have used to study much more, but my intentions were good.

Saturday started out just as fantastic. Wonderful sunny weather and warm fantastic weather. Ellie and I had breakfast before she left and went back to Portugal. She loved the stay so much that she will come back in 3 weeks for a language course and then seek jobs here.
I met Ricard, Celine, Justin, Myriam and Martin at 2pm and we went to Nakholmen to swim, relax and tan. I brought my books but did not study much. I did massage Ricards feet but something tells me he did not like it too much. Hahaha. Poor thing. But it does hurt :)
The first swim of the year in Norwegian waters – actually the first, second, third and fourth – happened. We all got a great tan and some even got sunburned and looked a little like pink pigs :) Hehe. It was a fantastic day with great company. I went home with the 8 train although I was at the train station for the 7:10pm train but due to extremely hot weather there was lots of errors with the train and it got cancelled. When I got home I pretty much unloaded groceries I had bought and went to bed. I was so tired.

Friday was terrible to be inside at work, longing out in the gorgeous sun.
But I got off at 4 and had a great time at a reception at the Costa Rican embassy. It was our first official meeting with the ambassador as a host. Great food, great company and had a wonderful chat with old friends like Alba, Bernal and Linn. Also met loads of new people :)
But I had to run to my next appointment at 9 and went straight to Ricard and Celines place for barbeque and to continue my spanish practicing with their couchsurfer Alvaro from spain. He just decided that enough was enough and left Spain on his motorbike with no money and no plan and took off. People found out that he was missing work one day cause he told no one that he left. He sure got the right couchsurfing spirit although personally I would have told and planned way better – and not to forget – Bring money :).
He was truly inspiring company and we had a great time. Ellie was there and Myriam, Alexandra came and we spent the evening (you just cant call it night when it is still bright as mid day at 11pm) having loads of fun. Justin Deguire came in around 10pm and we played a swedish game that was truly fun as well. Justin is from Montreal and I am amazed about how much easier it is to speak french with him than with the frenchies. Hehehe. Its like I remember the words without thinking.
Ellie and I went home with Myriam, left her at her place and got the last train home.
A fantastic summer night :)


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