Big CS weekend, BBQ in the Frognerpark and CSers visiting from Ascoli, Italia.

In any other matter this weekend has also been fantastic. Wednesday and Thursday I was not feeling so good (headaches etc) and thursday/friday I stayed home from work. Thursday was spent mostly in bed asleep but at 8ish I went up to Furuset to meet Giampiero and Alessandro that has been my Couchsurfing guests for the weekend. They are really nice and I have enjoyed their company big-time. I had prepared dinner for them that was cooking while I picked them up. Quite easy food actually, baked potatoes with veggies and cheese. Delicious but simple.
We enjoyed some wine and had a fun evening.

Friday I stayed home. Still not feeling good I sent my Italian surfers off in the morning for sight seeing then went back to bed. I stayed in bed until more or less midday before getting up and relaxing before my surfers came back.

Giampy and Alessandro brought their two friends that is surfing Oyvinds couch over for dinner. Its the greatest to have people over for dinner that cook you the dinner !!!
Spagetti with oil and bacon and great parmigiano cheese, For desserts we had ice cream, fresh berries from the garden, drinks and bbq’ed marshmellows. That was great fun !!!! Never seen anyone kill the poor things before. I learned I had to explain to newbies that they are already dead !! Hehehe. We enjoyed the evening in the garden with beautiful sunny weather and took Guiseppe and Andrea to the train station when it was time for them to leave.

Just a short time after we were waiting for a Belgian couple. Marianne and Dimitry that was gonna arrive around 11pm. They didnt until 2am cause it was so hard to explain the road to them so they could find my house. But when they arrived they had brought the finest Belgian Chocolate and it was gorgeous. They even got my bedroom and I stayed in the living room talking to Giampy and Alessandro before A fell asleep and in a long time we decided to do too.

In the morning I made a nice outdoor breakfast for all of us and since the guys were gonna do loads of touristy things today I sent them all off in the morning.

Marianne and Dimitry went off towards the west coast and and I met up with my Italians after lunch. I biked down to the city and met them at Hard Rock cafe. From there we all took the metro line 1 to Holmenkollen and we were tourists for a while. It was great to see the fantastic views from the Jump tower. The bad thing was that the elevator did not work and that way we had to climb all the stairs. Great excersice though.
After we had a picture session for the real tourists :)

On our way back to the city we stopped to pick up some food and headed over to the frognerpark to meet up with the other CSers !! Huge BBQ was arranged and lots of fun with many new people, some of the regulars and they were all fantastic.

We had so much fun; Ricard and Celine introduced us to the game of Kubb that we played over and over several times during the night (although next time Im def. gonna be on the other team – the one that wins – cause my team mates really didnt play that well. Hahaha), bying lollipops from a BORAT impersonator, chatting and laughing a lot. Even going to the toilet in pairs the Norwegian way !! Kimberly, Still not scared I presume? Hahaha.

We also enjoyed good foods and drinks as is the point for a good park-bbq. It was a great park night and when we finished up we went to Cafe con bar. I took the bike down there and arrived at the same time as the tram travellers.

We had more drinks, danced, chatted and really enjoyed a great time all together. John Richard even bought us all a huge bottle of champaign and everyone had a fantastic time together.
The night went on and so did the fun and when it was finally time to split up I dont think either one of the attendants had the slightest regret of going :)

As we split with the others I sent my bike home with Martin that had no buses up to his at this indecent hour and as the sun rised at 4 in the morning and I had one of my funniest experiences with drunk Norwegian men.

As I was staning at the bus stop chatting with my two surfers, G and A, this really drunk dude comes over and tells me:
Hey.. Im not gonna bother you!
Thats good I said and turned back talking to my friends
He repeats: Im not gonna bother you.
Where I say. Thats ok again.
He waits like 3 minutes and repeats; Im not gonna bother you before he asks whether it is ok for him to stand there and talk.
I said sure. You can talk as much as you want to.

Then he finally realized I actually was standing and talking with someone and asked me if it was my boyfriend where I said: No, but I am taking him home with me pointing twds Giampiero and Im taking him home as well I said pointing to Alessandro.
That was the funniest ever. I have never seen a face so chocked but so delighted and jealous at the same time. I just let him think what he had started before he repeated. Hey. Im not gonna bother you.
Norwegian men !!
Bus ride home took half an hour and we had to walk 15 minutes before reaching the house. Alessandro was so tired he fell right asleep but G and I stayed up talking for a while still.


For more pictures:
Martins blog


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