The first CS Midsummer camp in Norway is officially over

…and WEEKS of planning washed away in rain. Apart from that the arrangement was pretty damn successful.
Ricard, Celine and I had visited the farm in Hvitsten on tuesday when it was bathed in sunshine and nothing looked like it could disturb our happiness. Hehe. Ok, maybe a slightest exaggeration. Ole with the tractors farm has a barn, a studio, the mainhouse and a couple of extra houses that all in all makes it a fantastic place to stay for a camp. Sure, no water to swim in but hey! thats maybe why it rained so bad.

The first participants came in already on wednesday and thursday but were eagerly followed by most of the others on friday.

 Free concert in the rain
Friday after work we were joined by the italians from last weekend (Giampiero, Andrea, Guiseppe and Alessandro) and 8 italians (the 4 new ones, Andrea, Guiseppe, Roberta and Alfredo), Celine (France), Ricard (Sweden), Oyvind, Me (Norway) and Rachel (HK) had dinner at Peppes Pizza. It was great and we had an amazing time before the first mentiones italians from last week had to leave for the airport and we split with them to go to the meeting point at the national theater to meet the other participants for the concert. We were joined by another swede, an american and 3 more french before we went to a bar to have a couple of drinks before going to get wet.

The huge event for the night was the VG LISTA TOPP 20 concert that is one of the biggest free outdoor concerts in Norway. The 20 most popular artists of the year is gathered to throw a great concert at the plaza in front of the city hall and it is huge.
Last year it was attended by more than 40000 people on one of the clearest and lightest nights of the year.
It is also directly sent on television. Well, last year was last year and this year due to the rain one can say that it was a lack of public. Sure many had shown up but I do not think we passed 10000. Still thats pretty good though. After all. It was pooring down all the time.
We drowned our sorrows in beer and got wet but had so much fun !!!!

Midsummer camp
Saturday meeting point was set to 1100am and that was too early. We were tired from last night and it was still pooring down. The plans for the day were to have a free hug campaign but raining this much none of us were very interested :)

So we went for breakfast instead… And payed a visit to the Astrup Fearnley museum of modern art before rushing to the central station, picking up the food for the bbq and running to catch the train. I must admit. My stress level was A LOT higher than normal when we were in the store, getting closer and closer to the 2 minutes limit of when we really had to RUN to catch the train and people were still not done in the store…
You go there, you go there. Now sorry sir, may these people go in front of you?

We need to catch a train you see … Sorry, sorry. PLS RUUUUUUN !!!!!!
JUST go !! If you dont go NOW we loose the train.. And none of the participants had even started to buy tickets when the train was supposed to leave. Running around like a headless chicken I was SOOOOOO saved by the bell when train was announced 10 minutes late. I think that was my happiest moment of the day ! God, I must have looked so funny.

Finally on the train we were all very happy to have made it and all 12 of us could relax a bit. In Vestby we catched the bus to take us a close as possible. The only problem now was to remember where to get off. Thank GOD, Celine called me when they were at the stop to pick up bags etc and told us the name of the stop because or else I do not think I would have remembered. All bags and people without umbrellas were taken in the first ride and then the cars was shutteling back and forth to pick us all up to avoid having 15 soaked persons.

Finally there we all started to get to know each other and having fun and during the day we played Kubb in the pooring rain and then finally when people were having drinking games and just enjoying life it started clearing up around 7pm and we could prepare for bbq.
Jon, Martin, Marianne and Dimitry were the last to arrive and in full numbers we counted 22 people represented by 4 French, 1 Swede, 3 Norwegians, 4 Italians, 1Check, 3 from the US, 1 Dutch, 1 Finnish, 2 Belgians, 1 from Hong Kong and 1 German !!!

This is just More than I hoped for and completely fantastic.
During the evening weather got better and better and after the dinner we played football (Poor Alfredos leg turned all blue after the harsh meeting with my shoe), more Kubb and other activities. Then Andrin and I cleared the bonfire area from grass and we prepared for lighting the fire. Jeff and Jon helped out lighting it as real wilderness men and suddenly we had a great bonfire for roasting marshmellows !!! Hahaha.
Most activities after this point was having drinks and roasting marshmellows and enjoying life. Finally no more clouds in the sky and it was as if it was planned to make it perfect !
As it got darker (it doesnt get very dark in summer in Norway) past midnight we all gathered around the bonfire talking, singing and enjoying life.

Sunday and going home
The Italians – poor things – left first. At 6am followed by the Belgians that had to leave around 9. The rest of us had breakfast, cleaned up the house and enjoyed the last rays of sunshine before we all took off too. Most of the trip back home was nice weather but the closer we got to Oslo the worse it got. Suddenly it rained lakes and rivers and Oyvind dropped Rachel, Roberta and me off at my house and joined us for lunch until weather cleared up. Roberta cooked spagetti with garlic, oil and parmesan cheese for us and we almost died from laughing when seeing Robertas chocked look when Oyvind for a joke asked for ketchup on it. She was jumping up and down and the poor thing could not believe what she heard. How can you kill good spagetti by adding ketchup? Hahaha. Still dying from thinking about that.
We watched some movies and when weather got better Oyvind left and girls fell asleep and I fixed the computer. I cooked for them for dinner and by the time it was time to go to bed we were all very tired. Just by relaxing after the big party day.

Roberta left my house on monday Andrin and Allison also spent the day at mine before taking the night train to Trondheim. Rachel left on tuesday. Then I was alone again and looking fwd for a couple of days by myself.

More pictures – check Martins blog.
The official Meeting report and pictures on Couchsurfing WIKI.


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