Sister Lindas birthday

This weekend I finally got my ass down to where my dad lives. It has been so long since i was there last. I think November last year. Thats hmm.. How many months? Like 8ish or even 9. Scary. Anyways. Little sister Linda celebrated her birthday and of course the big sisters had to join in for the party. Linda just turns 6 years and will become a schoolgirl during the few next weeks !!!

Linda was really happy for all her gifts and she is playing the little princess. Participants of the birthdayparty was both big-sisters, Christian, Grandmom Mathilde, Mom and Dad and of course Linda herself with 2 friends from kindergarden.

We had great food and a nice time. Good pasteries and good to meet the family again. I got a ride with Ingrid and Christian from Oslo to Sannidal and back again.


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