CS BBQs in the frognerpark with friends

These two last days has been GREAT !! Nice, warm weather and LOTS of fun !
Actually so much fun that It has been 2 of the best days of summer according to my memory.
Amazing I remember so much at all. Hehehe. (NO COMMENT)

Amongst 34 people came for the Monday BBQ party where we had set ourselves up with volleyball nets and the traditional one-time bbqs on a huge area. We had lots of fun and the chat was pretty easygoing amongst all participants.
In early june I applied to become a CS ambassador for Oslo and I just got accepted but still did not get my flag. But Flavio announced the news to everyone that in a few weeks I would have my flag and the title as Oslo CS city Ambassador.

I had prepared for Sam and I to have Salmon for BBQ meal with aspargues and it tasted deliciously. We had enough beer too but when John fished up the lemon vodka from the sack the party grew really funny ! Thats when we started drinking straight from the bottle – and that on a monday – Youth nowadays !!!

I even made a bet with our finnish member of CS Oslo to drink him under the table. He thinks he can drink me under the table for being a Finn!!! Nah. Not this girl.

It was great to get to know Flavio as well. Since Oyvind and I am going to Rome in october and he is from Rome, perfect opportunity to get to know more Romans. F even says he will arrange a huge BBQ camp for us when we are going to be there and he will also try to help us finding a nice host ! YeAHHHHH

Party today was even wilder than yesterday and Im not so certain that I am particularly looking fwd for Rome camp any more. I have found that Flavio and Oyvind are a lethal combination when it comes to feeding me with licor. Hehehe. I have ended up even with BITE marks on my arm and I did bite back at least Bente, Oyvind and Flavio. It was self defense to avoid getting fed with the vodka bottle when I was held down. Nice.
Oh.. It started off way easier and we were even a few people less than last night.
We played games, BBQ was great and fantastic weather.

The evening soon became very fun as Oyvind brought the vodka today and in the beginning it was all calm and nice :) Then we had some funny picture posing and party spirit rose pretty fast. hehehe.
After some while most of the participants left to go home but a smaller crowd would stay behind and we did a pub-to-pub crawl that was very intimate and fun. I think it has been a LONG time sicne I have laughed so much. Sam was way tired at the end of the night, as we never intended to go home. Most people split after the visit at gamle majoren pub but I think I could have kept it going for a long long time still, but work duties were calling so Sam, Oyvind and I got a cab when Flavio, Carlo and Haavard headed towards their place.
This way Sam ended up sharing the living room with Oyvind. I think this party can definately be defined as one of the summers best parties !!!!

For some pictures: See Martins blog entry.


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