Dinner with Flavio, Carlo – Italy, Joy and Chen – China and Sam from Australia

Today was pretty hard at work. Yesterday was a hard turn on my health hehehe. But, I must admit I would not have been without it !
Fortunately I was called into a meeting today for the 3 first hours. This way I had and easy task to just pay attention to what was being said in the meetign instead of having to use my head too much.
That way most of the day passed with not problems at all dispite last nights heavy party.

Early morning today I invited Flavio and Carlo for a dinner party tonight. I also recieved Joy and Chen from China for CS hosting. They are the first honeymooner backpackers I ever heard of so I think it was kind of cool to offer them to stay at my house.

I spent a LONG time preparing food for the gang and we had Elg (Moose) meat and Roe-deer. The Elg came out a bit dry but the roe-deer is something of the most tender and soft Ive had for a long time. We had great wine, great accessoires and all in all I think everybody enjoyed a lot. I think I can guarantee they all overate. It was like a feeding frenzy where Sam after blamed me for feeding him too much like I was standing over him and forcing him to eat. Hehehe. As if.
But, it was a relaxing evening in company of good and new friends :)
I followed Flavio and Carlo to the train back to the city and prepared the room for Joy and Chen and we were all in bed before midnight. Good after so much parties.


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