Visit in Arendal at my moms place

This weekend I spent at my moms place and it was great to visit her place again. It was the first time since last year… Ouch.. I really should become better for these things. Family visits is not my strong side and the summer has been so full with activities. Still. Its great to be home once in a while.
We did lots of nice stuff. Went visiting friends of my mom and Tron, we went fishing at the ocean and I also worked 7 hours (my mom and Tron was at a party) to get a day off next week !

There was also time for tanning, relaxing in the sun, and sleeping and good chats. :D

One amazing thing about this trip was that the ocean was full of algaes. Noctilucaceae algea. That mainly means that they are nocturnal and that they glow in the dark. So at night when splashing around in the wather with your hands or feet or when the rain hit the ocean all of the sea was glowing all blue. It was amazing to look at. One of the nights was clear and I spent hours just looking at the sea.
Wave with Noctilucaceae algae
Wiki in glowing algae in the ocean


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