CS ChatCamp at Hvitsten in Norway

Thursday – As I had helped out with ordering canoes for the camp obviously I was in no shape of travelling alone on the train with the Canoes so Bente Brenna sent me Flavio with her car to help out.
We stopped in the store to get more beer as well and some other kind of stuff that Bente wanted us to pick up. Very few people had arrived yet to the camp area so we were all up at Bente and Påls house. They are both so hospitable and great.
Bente prepared us a fantastic meal and we had a great dinner with Amy (USA), Bente, Pål, Jessica (Australia), Flavio and Carlo (Italy). Great conversations, great talk and ots of fun.

To fall asleep so late as I did last night I woke up early and was met by some new arrivals, Liewe and Lien from The Netherlands. Bente, Amy, Jessica and Flavio left for the store and I sent with them a list of ingredients I needed for my planned baking-day.
I think I ended up baking for 6 hours. I baked chocolate chip cookies for 50 people (minimum), and my favourite chocolate cake as well. Flavio was running around and having fun being a macho-Flavio that was fun in the beginning but after working 6 hours in the kitchen baking and then starting on dinner.. I couldnt see the fun in it any more. A positive thing in it was that the cakes were appreciated so much that Dave propsed (you baked these? wanna marry me?) hahahaha. Though. Its pretty obvious he wasn’t speaking seriously about it.
I think we arrived to be like 15 -16 people for dinner (not counting Jim and Shai that arrived piss drunk about 2:30 (they should have been in for dinner). Shai was obviously hungry and I was quite amused about how much she liked my chocolate cake. First trying it out with a small piece then she took this 1/5 size piece of cake and shuved it in her mouth with her hands. It was such an amazingly funny view that Flavio and I both started lauging and it wasnt even registered). And I made food for them all with of course some help from the others. Food ended up great although potates werent as well cooked as they could have been. We all had dinner outside on the veranda in the sunset and it was so great. A fantastic summernight.
The party was on again and we had lots of fun :D

Very tired. I felt like I was starting to get sick and just wanted to sleep. Most of the morning I did. When Bente, Amy and Flavio went grocery shopping I went down to the cabin to the others and spent some time with the chatters and came to the sense that I wanted to be alone and relax a bit and found a book in a shelf that I brought down to the sea. I spent about 2 good hours on the dock mainly watching the waves passing by under me and listening to the waves crashing towards the bare rock-face. You know, those nice summery waves that comes from a tiny bit of wind and lots of boats passing by on a sunny day.
Martina and Dave joined me after a while and I got to know them better as well. Relaxing company but also fun and enjoyable :D All in all I spent like 4 hours down there and they did me good. I felt like all the last weeks work stress just dissappeared. Though not that it was a lot of stress though but some. I felt – by far – as sociable any more and allowed myself a break from kitchen duties today :D. Bente prepared an awesome meal for us that tasted absolutely fantastic.It was enjoyed with wine and beer and everybody enjoyed their time.
Party went on. Lots of fun. During the day Shai had corrected the really bad first impression she had made and she proved to be really nice.
Since it was Flavios last night in Norway his friend Haavard came down with his cousin and even Oyvind came down for the fun of it :D It was quite lively in the cabins :D
Suddenly the whole group wanted to go skinnydipping. That was great fun but also very interesting case the water was full of fluorescent algae and it was blue all around us when swimming. At 4 am Martina and Me took Flavio and Carlo to the airport shuttle and said good bye. After that it was finally time to go to bed.

I slept in and that was great. When I did wake up I went with Liewe and Lien picking mushrooms in the forest behind Bente and Påls house and we lost each other. Its a good thing my inbuildt compass works but I arrived long after the two others. I got checked for ticks and immediately took a shower to get rid of any possibilities that the others had missed.
The mushrooms we cought was gonna be used for dinner later that night. It was a lot of fun during the whole day. Mostly relaxing in the sun and by the sea but also shotting rum in the kitchen watching the others making food. I made waffles for the guys while Dave and I was shotting but they still tasted great. Dinner was delicious like all days (Bente is a fantastic cook) but after dinner Øyvind and I had to pack our stuff and be out of there to go home and prepare for work tomorrow. I forgot my suitcase at Bentes. Probably not the smartest idea :D
Oh well. Not much to do about it and I will go down there next weekend anyways.
What a fantastic weekend !


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