Last week summary

This week has been kind of hard for me. On monday I had to bring one of my cats to the vet and put him to sleep. It was a hard decicion for me and It took me almost 2,5 years to manage to do it. He was the sweetest cat ever (when he didnt pee on the floor 3 places in one day) and he was so wonderfully special in his personality (in the mornings he would hop up in my bed and rub his head on mine and walk on me to show it was time to get up – He would also have this really royal way of posing when he was resting putting one paw over the other and his head held high in this overly eminent way). But many tears have been shed in frustration about why he pees, how to avoid smell and how to not ruin this and this and being careful about where I leave stuff on my floor. It was too much in the end.

I even tried giving him a new home (the new owners were aware of his problem) before taking the final decicion to see wheter it was beause he didnt like my house, me, if he was lonely or if this was a problem with him. In the beginning all was ok in the new house but suddenly he started peing on the floor there too. And after he severalt times increased numbers of times on how often he peed on their floors, clothes and even bed we decided to put him to sleep. We went to the vets together too.

Sam was great. He cooked for me today as I felt really really crappy.

On Tuesday I felt even more crappy and really sad. I left work after 2 hours and went home to sleep the rest of the day.

By tuesday I had cought a flu and stayed home feeling sorry for myself but … on saturday I was finally better and back to Hvitsten at Bentes house to be with the CS group there. I went with Martin and Sam came after when he got off work. Ricard, Celine, Jon, and a couple of other OSLO CSers were already there. And many of the guys from last weekend !! LIke Cat, Jim and Shai. Some were new from the group last weekend like Susanne, James, Per, Barry and Erin. But, we had lots of fun no matter what. I did miss to have Flavio there though :D

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