I got up early and cooked some stuff for breakfast for Susanne and Sam (my two CSers for the week) and then we even had chocolate cake for breakfast before taking off to work.

Friends and family kept on calling me to pass on birthdaywishes all day and It was great to get so much attention :D

After work I walked to Asylet and met all my CS friends and several of my other friends there. Like John, Jorun and even my sister and brother in-law Christian showed up with gifts !!!

All in all about 45 people showed up and it was such a great ambient at the place. They all had fooled me into believeing they had all forgotten about my birthday even though. Im pretty good at announcing this. They had lots of fun with my dissapointment for them not remembering the day. So, in the end, Ricard asked me to join him for a cigarette (no smoking allowed indoor in Norway) and when we got back they all had party hats, fleutes and even cake with my name on it :D
This was a great surprise and Celine was the master mind behind it. It was great. I was very very happy to have them around me.
I went home with Sam and Susanne. Sam has stayed with me for 4 weeks and is already a part of the daily routine. Susanne I have met many times before and she is a really really easy guest to have in the house. I had such a great day !!!!

View pictures from the party in Martins blog


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