Free Concerts in the Forest

Nice sunny weather. Some clouds. No higher temperatures than +18C though but since we have had temps down to +3C already and its this early Im happy. STill hope for some wonderful warm sept. days.

Lately I havent been feeling so well and that has put up a natural showstopper for a while, but yesterday I managed to do some cleaning, some fixing of clothes, baking a bread and a CS friend, Jon, took me to this free concert in my local area: Granittrock, up at Grorud. The Granittrock is a alcohol and stimuli free arrangement in the forest where kids are equally allowed in to the area as grown ups.

We watched the Minor Majority concert first, that was quite awesome. They played many new songs and some old songs and I was thrilled. Great music. Relaxing pop/rock. Great. The sun setting over the forest made it really magic.

After that concert Jons kid, Magnus came around and while we waited for the next concert we ordered Pizza from Peppes and had dinner while the sun set and it darkened preparing for Hank von Helvete from the band Turboneger. When they entered the scene they made the crowd alive. They were rocking bad, hopping around, singing and enjoying every little tune that came out from the speakers.
And… to the lifty tunes of songs like City of Satan, I have erection etc. little 5 year old Magnus fell asleep. It was quite fun to see.

After we took Magnus to the babysitter for the night and went to have some drinks and solve world problems before calling the night off and Jon became my couchsurfer #40. He even got the couch cause Sam (my CS #30 – still crashing my couch) was at a party downtown and couchsurfed Jeff and Myriams place in the city.

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