The dinnerparty

Twas a sunny, nice fall day in the year of 2007. Hehehe. Yeah.. As if you didnt already know. Facts are I got up at 5 am this morning to ship Sam (my couchsurfer/kid) off to the airport. He has like 5 interviews there this weekend. Thats amazing. But hes a great programmer though.

As I have probably told you before Sam is not the person that enjoys mornings too much. So as I shipped him off to the bus stop to go to the airport I reached the train station before I recieved a call from him.. Hey…. Do I need my passport? Oupps.. Not a good way to start the day. So, he actually had left his key at home as well hehe. So we ran towards each other and he got my key before he ran off to pick up his passport. A little later  I recieved a text message that he had managed to get on the plane despite that they had already closed the gate when he arrived. Phew. Hectic morning !

I spent my 8 hours being effective at work, had lunch with Torill and Louise, witch was great, and then left work at 2:45 to head back home, relax a bit before I recived dinner guests. So long suckers for my plan failed terribly. NSB (the norwegian railnet) had huge problems. After an hour I gave up waiting for my train that had not even been set to leave yet and went for a bus. For being stupid I hopped on a bus that took me straight true the friday Oslo city rush hour !!!!!. NICE. That little trip that would have taken 10 minutes normally took me 45 minutes. I was supposed to be at home already. So I called Oyvind from the bus and agreed to meet at the Oslo sentral station to go home together. We also picked up 2 of his friends to let them have the car home since their train was cancelled also.

So it took me more than 2,5 hours all in all to get home today.. That sucks SOOO bad and I was quite frustrated ! But cooking and preparing dinner and recieving guests actually freed me from the frustration quite fast. I baked banana bread for dessert and for dinner we had meat, sause, home made guacamole, patacones (recepy from costa rica) and rice. Tasted great. My other guests arrived 6:30pm (Ricard, Celine, Jeff and Myriam) but poor Oyvind that was first to arrive had to help out making the food. When the other guys came he was freed of his duties and the girls took over accompanying me in the kitchen !!

The night was great. We enjoyed wine and great conversations, lots of great food (may I say so myself) and had many great laughs. Ricard was a little hard on my couch and the side of it kinda broke but Ill check out tomorrow if I manage to fix it. It should be possible to strengthen it with some extra wood or something. Hope so.

When they all left to party in the city clock had already gotten close to 11pm and I decided to stay home. I spent an hour in front of the computer and relaxed with some updates before I went to bed.

I had an amazing night and must thank you all for coming !!!


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