Oslo to Roma

cloudy.gifBRRRRR. Its only +5C outside and grey and boring in Oslo. Gonna be so good to go to Italy.

Today is the big day for my first vacation and trip since coming home from Costa Rica in march. I am sooooo exited to go to Italy. And as I chatted last night with Flavio, Roberta and Giampy – I guess they are looking fwd for our arrival too. At least they express it pretty much :D

I woke up at 6 today as well and could not go back to sleep. I guess the exitement was pretty much taking over and since I did not want to wake up Sam i stayed in my bed reading a magazine. Sam was in the living room so that was off-limit zone. At 8 I heard his wake-up alarm go off and I reckoned that I could get out of bed starting to move around too. NICE. I made us tea/coffee and started packing whats left to pack. That mainly means UNPACK some stuff to make suitcase weigh less!

I managed that and was quite intrigued by my own effort of brining less stuff. Or actually also fitting the gifts in without coping with overweight !.

I did a quick trip to Alnabru and Lefdal to pick up a camera for the trip. I have not gotten my own back from service yet so its quite great to be able to borrow a camera to not be without on my trip. I also picked up some more cat food so that sam has enough to feed saffi with while im away. NICE. When I got home I got my shower and just took off to be at the airport at 1pm. There I met up with Oyvind for check in and we got a couple of more gifts before having lunch. Or actually for me it was breakfast. Nice to have breakfast at 2pm. We also met up with Bente that was on her way to Madrid and then we had a beer before boarding the plane. Unfortunately the plane was more or less 45 minutes late.
OOOOps. That was not good cause we didnt have that much time for changing planes in shcipol and our next plane to Rome was already boarding when we landed at Schipol. No problems. Our gate was pretty close to where we were set off when we landed and with some genuinely nice sneaking in line we managed fine to get on board to the plane in time !!!.
From the conversations between Øyvind and myself we have found out we are bad influence on one another. BUT OH SO MUCH FUN.

Last flight was great and by the time we landed it was already dark in Rome but WARM !!!!!
21 degrees. Who can complain?
Flavio and Roberta came and picked us up at the airport witch was truly sweet of them and it was fantastic to see them again. I was pretty much attacked by Flavio when he spotted me with a very happy-great hug. Then Roberta gave me the same treatment before they attacked Oyvind. Ok maybe I was a bit more attacked by Flavio than Oyvind. Hehehe.

Roberta, Flavio and Me

They took us to a friend of Flavios, Denis, living close to the beach in Ostia, where we left our luggage and picked up Sebastian, Denis and Deborah from France that is surfing Denis house. From there we all drove to a nearby restaurant close to the beach to have dinner. It was a great dinner with lots of food and great conversations. Food was great. Company was better. It was a very happy re-encounter !

Roberta, Sebastian, Flavio, Me, Dennis and Deborah

For the dessert some of the guys incl. Oyvind ordered Limoncello which he started mixing with white wine. This was actually pretty well liked although it did not seem to be so good during the mixing.

After dinner we stood outside the restaurant and chatted for a long time. Nice conversation but poor Roberta was soo tired so finally we went back to Denis house to pick up our luggage from his van where it was stored. We stayed here chatting a lot too before Flavio drove us home to Robertas place. Roberta fell asleep almost immediately cause the trip was for about 40 minutes. Oyvind stayed awake for some time but also fell asleep. F and I chatted and when we arrived Rome he was playing touristguide telling us (Oyvind had now woken up) about the attractions we passed (The pyramids, the churches, Colosseum) etc.
Finally at home we split and went to sleep after a long but GREAT day.
Looking fwd for wednesday !!!


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