Roma to Ascoli Piceno

partlycloudy.gifThe morning weather in Rome was wonderful, warm (+25C) and sunny. During the day more and more clouds showed up and arriving Ascoli it was all clouded. For when we went out for drinks and dinner it started raining and it rained so bad during the evening and that its the first night since winter the water wasnt closed btwn 10pm and 6am the next day.

I woke up this morning after a short night way too early but had too much fun last night and pretty exited about being here. Therefore no problem.
I read one of oyvinds books for quite some time till Roberta woke up and we had breakfast and tea together. It was really really nice to speak with her and we had a wonderful time.


When she had to leave we were left in the house with a key and lots of good wishes. We were not gonna go out until later.

So before starting the official events of the day I had to search through some of the papers and found this link to an article in Aftenposten about Sam, Susanne and myself from my home when they were visiting. Really fun and good article.

When all internet activity had been completed we went out in search of real food for breakfast. Walked up and down the streets to find something like baguettes or anything like it but we found that Italians thinks of bread toppings like Pizza toppings. That was not exactly the same as we had planned for. But in the end we got so hungry we had to have some ice cream while searching more. We found a place where they had chicken and pasta in the end and had that for breakfast before we went to pick up our luggage. Time to go to find the metro so we wouldnt miss the bus to Ascoli Piceno. We wandered around for a little time and managed to find the Metro quite easy and get on that From Piazza Bologna to Castro Pretorio. We got our tickets and hopped on the bus that wasnt exactly meant for long-legged scandinavians. We started reading in our books, but soon both of us fell asleep and we were half asleep for most of the journey.

Arriving to Ascoli we were met by Giampiero and he took us to his house to meet his father, Carlo, and leave the luggage in the house before we hit city life.

We walked the 10 minutes into the city center of the charming city village where Giampy told us we could sleep under the bridge if we wanted to. At Piazza del Popolo we met the other CSers for the meeting Alessandra, Emanuele, Roberto, Cristina and Alessandro. We went to have aperitivos at Cafe Italia close to the Piazza del Popolo. At cafe Italia we were joined by Marco and Ernesto.

Emanuele, Marco and Ernesto

Ernesto was not so good in english so I got to practice my still lousy italian. Hehe.
After 3 bottles of wine and lots of fingerfood (you must try out the famous chicken cheese they have !!!!) we moved on to the place where we were going to have dinner at Trattoria da Middio where we were also joined by Andrea, Beppe and Nicoletta.

Chicken Cheese Monster

Here we continued eating for 3 more hours. Small dishes with everything from frogs to snail, lamb liver (coratella), cheese, pasta, carpaccio, farahona, rosted veal and so many other delicious dishes I cant even remember them all.

Alessandra, Emanuele, Roberto, Guiseppe & Øyvind

Andrea got a little too much in his glass

Giampiero and Alessandro

Laughter was loose and Marco found out that this famous italian comedian, Giobbe Covatta, was in the same Trattoria as us and had his picture taken. A fantastic picture by the way.

Giobbe Covata and Marco

I think that in the end we had shared a minimum of 11 bottles btwn all of us before the round of shots started.

Oyvind learned many new italian words I think its maybe better he does not remember tomorrow. We also taught our new friends quite a lot of norwegian words they would be better off not remembering tomorrow either.
Dinner was great but I was too tired to go with the others when they went to continue the party so I was sent home to sleep. Hehe. The guys came home at 3:30.


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