Touristing Ascoli Piceno

cloudy.gifTodays weather was cloudy and +22C. Still way better than 10 degrees at home.

We woke up around 10ish and stayed in most of the morning resting and after a delicious lunch that Giampys father made for us we were picked up by Alessandro before we went to pick up Roberto and then we went touristing. It was a very effective touristing round to get to see all the good spots in one day :D
We went to this beautiful medieval castle called Castel Trosino lying HIGH up on a cliff in the mountains.

Castel Trosino

City of Castel Trosino

It was beautiful with the houses still inhabited by locals.

Øyvind, Alessandro, Giampiero & Roberto

We stayed there for just about 20 minutes before stopping at Fortezza Pia (a fortress commanding the city rebuilt in 1560 by Pope Pius IV ), Convento dell annunziata and then we went for the Piazzarola quarters where we had a stop to eat crispella next to the Sant Angelo church.
After this little break we stopped at the Roman theater next to the templar church – Santa Croce ai Templari. We also visited Porta Romana and the ruins of the roman walls before we passed the medieval parts of Ascoli along the river Tronto. We also made a stop at the lavatory of porta cappuccina where women used to come and wash clothes in the earlier ages.

Our next stop was the romanic church San vincenzo and Anastasio, The San Pietro martire church (with a 1523 side portal by Cola d’Amatrice. The interior contains the precious reliquiary of the Holy Thorn, a gift of Philip IV of France), The church and cloister of San Francesco, Theatre of Ventidio Basso and entered la Piazza del Popolo where we went inside the Palace of the captains with roman ruins.

Piazza del Popolo

But, I must admit. The coolest stop of them all was at Piazza Arringo where we had the coolest ice cream of all ages. Chocolate chili ice cream with Cinnamon. How cool is that?
We sat down in front of a nice fountain watching the night arrive.

Alessandro drove us home where we had pizza (with strange things on :D hehe.. Artichocks on one, brokoli on another and tuna on a third). After dinner we went out for a couple of drinks with Alessandro, Andrea, Nicoletta and Ernesto. It was a lot of fun :D

Alessandro, Nicoletta, Øyvibnd, Andrea and Giampiero


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