Moving on from Ascoli P. to Bologna

sunny.gifSunny weather enchanted us this beautiful day. It was truly beautiful. A great day. We had about 20 degrees :D Nice october weather.

Oyvind and I slept in a bit after the parties, It was good to relax. Giampy was already at work when we got up and we had breakfast that his father Carlo made for us. Carlo after took us to the train station so that we could buy our train tickets to Bologna (Since the ticket office closes down during lunch hour :D). Carlo then took us home where we left the car and we got a guided tour around Ascoli by foot – in ITALIAN!!! OK, my studies of Italian this summer has bore some fruits and I can understand some, but by far all that he spoke. He was so adorable though. He spoke slow and clear to make sure we understood. He took us around and explained history and what all the places were and we crossed to the Roman bridge and the medeaval bridge where we took a lot of pictures. Then he took us around the city centre. All happened in italian and we met some of his friends and said hi to them. Then we continued walking to all the main spots of Ascoli. Giampy had already taken us to most of them, but the old man was so sweet and he tried so hard to make us comfortable that we let him take us there one more time :D

Carlo also made us a new great lunch with the famous Olive allAscolana as apetizer and Pasta as main course. He also showed pictures of his wife and told a lot about her. She passed away a year ago and his greif is still so visible. Poor guy.

After lunch Giampy took us to the train station and we got ready for a 4 hour long trip on the train. We had a local train to San Benedetto del Tronto (close to the sea) where we had to change to an Intercity train. From there we followed the adriatic sea up towards Rimini before we turned towards Bologna.

We arrived Bologna at 5:30 and were picked up by Alfredo and taken to his house. He shares with no less than 5 other people !!! It was great to see him again and he took us to a mall nearby where we did some shopping :D (grocery and sports equipment).
We then went home and prepared dinner. He made us a wonderful pasta carbonara and after this we had bread with the famous Bologna mortadella (absolutely fantastic) and a really good cheese.

After havng enjoyed dinner and some wine we went for a walk down to the city centre of Bologna so Alfredo showed us the the shortest way to come and go to the centre. He explained to us about the arches and the beautiful architecture and before we knew it we ended up in a bar in the city center. There we enjoyed some more local wine before we started on our walk back home.

Øyvind and Alfredo

The guys stopped for some icecream on the way and suddenly we had taken a different way back home. We checked mail and stuff before going to bed and Alfredo was the sweetest host letting us use his room and taking the couch himself !!! Adorable.


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