Bologna center

sunny.gifAnother sun enchanted day. It was a bit misty over Bologna but warm with + 25C :D Who can complain? At home they have +5C :(

Oyvind and I slept in and we did not wake up until after midday.
After breakfast (youghurt and some bread) we walked in to the city centre and started touring Bologna.

We passed the University, the church and arrived to the Asinelli tower, that is the highest tower in Bologna. Of course we had to walk up to the top.

View from the Asselini Tower

Its a good thing we did not care to check how high it was before we started climbing. It took forever, but the view was so wonderful :D We took lots of pictures and on our way down we counted to 498 steps.

498 Steps …

Like the two normally intelligent people we are we felt kind of stupid arriving to the bottom watching a huge sign on the wall saying 498 steps to the top!!!
The climbing of the stairs was kind of scary, but so totally worth it.

We continued further into the city and arrived to the huge, wonderful churches and found the tourist information office. Since we already were well in on the walking we decided to try out the Via San Luca with its 666 arches on the way up to the top to the sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca.

666 Arches

We took the bus to montecello where we hopped of and started walking from the Arch of Meloncello. It was exhausting but still a great walk and the view from the top was great. On the way down we walked all the 666 arches (7km) where I must admit my blood sugar was getting way too low and I started getting cranky. Hehehe. Poor Oyvind that had to put up with me. I actually suspect him to have been quite tired at that moment as well cause we decided to look for a place to have lunch but we found none. We did find the expensive quarters of designer clothes though. The stores looked so expensive that we didnt even dare to enter :D

In the end we had lunch at macDonalds because we were too hungry too keep on searching for a decent place and of course just as we got out of macDonalds we managed to find all the local market and all the great little restaurants just nearby. Hehehe. So long suckers…
Just for being stupid. Hehehe.

We continued walking around and we found this nice little restaurant in a back alley where we sat down and relaxed, had some beer and watched the people before we were to meet Alfredo at Bar Marqui for his tamburine lessons.


It was one of those experiences you NEVER have when staying at a hotel. Who invites you to a cellar of a bar to tamburine lessons if you dont travel Couchsurfing? It was great !!!
Oyvind and I shared some wine while they played and the music attracted some local drunk guy that thought the cool rythms from the music were perfectly fantastic to dance around to. He mainly did the rain dance and aped after some other indigenous war and peace dance.

Alfredo and myself

When the tamburine lessons were over we went upstairs and we all shared one more bottle of wine nefore going home. We spoke for a long time with the bartender that enjoyed the idea about couchsurfing so much that he fed us for free. He said he was even gonna join too !!!

Øyvind and Alfredo

While walking home we enjoyed more Ice cream. It is so fantastic to be able to walk in october quietly outside in the middle of the night in just a sweater and its warm and good :D
Completely happy about this trip ! :D


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