On our way from Bologna to Roma

sunny.gifAnother sun enchanted day. +26C and not a cloud in sight neither in Bologna nor Rome. Awesome !

We woke up around mid day and packed our stuff and when alfredo got home for his lunch break we were all set. Alf made us a delicious pasta dish with tuna and then we mainly rushed off to the train station wher we bought the train tickets for Roma and ran to get on the train.

It was a long distance done in a short time with the Intercity trains that really ran fast. It was nice scenery and I read for most of the time. Øyvind slept his way through the trip.

Arriving Roma Termini (the most trafficked station in Italy with nearly 600 000 daily visitors) we changed into the metro line A towards Anangina and hopped off at Re di Roma.

Roma Termini

From there we were supposed to find the house, but got a little lost and Flavio came and met us. He had earlier during the day met up with Fulvio to get the keys to his appartment to let us in.

Fulvios apartment is really nice, colorful and stylish at the same time.
We sat down and relaxed for some time until Fulvio himself came home to meet us then Fulvio had this dinner with the work and Flavio took us to Bar Gusto to meet up with a lot of CSers before going out to a huge CS Pizza meeting (at Recafe, Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 33) with almost 70 people !!!.

Pizza meeting at ReCafe

That would be so great in Oslo. Just need so many active members first.
It was so fun to meet a lot of people ive heard a lot about like Franz, Gunilla (Sweden), Daniela (from CR) and lots of other people too. A great deal of people I dont remember the name of or even spoke with.

Dinner was great. A little slow service on the drinks though.. We ordered a wine it took them an hour to serve and beer came after the pizza, but the dinner tasted very good.

Later on we went to this other bar where we had some more drinks before Fulvio took us home. It was cool to speak with CR Daniela and Giorgio and I and Gunilla had some really nice LONG conversations about italian men !!.

On our way back home Fulvio took us to the fountain of Trevi where we also had a beer.

Øyvind, Fulvio and me

It was so great to see. Wonderful masterpiece. So relaxing with the sound of all the water. It was a great end to a fantastic evening as we even got to watch two roman rats have a small fight over some left overs. The Carabinieri was watching over the fountain so noone would go swimming in it as Fulvio told us that was a common activity amongst drunk guys in the night hours.

Fontana di Trevi


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