Touristing Rome

sunny.gifStill warm in the weather and sun was shining when I woke up at 8 this morning. However today we had quite a few clouds and temperatures dropped to around +21C. Still a gorgeous day !

I showered, checked my mails and updated my blog while waiting for the boys to wake up (until 9:30) so I was pretty much preparing for playing a tourist in Rome until they did.

Øyvind and I started walking and the first post on the program was the San Giovanni in Laterano church before we headed to the Colosseum and then the Palatine Hill and foro romano.


Foro Romani

Once we were done here we continued walking to Parco del Celio where we found the tiny santa sabina church with a view of the city in a area with amazingly little tourists.

Maybe because we managed to find some pretty deserted streets and wander around just for good luck.

For lunch we found a Restaurant in Trastevere  called Osteria. They had delicious food and we were really happy about the choice of dining.


After Trastevere we went all the way to the vatican city, passing castel san angelo and then we went to st peters square , but it was so crowded that there was no way to enter the Basilica without waiting in lines forever.

St. Peters Church

So, we went shopping instead before we decided to go home to Fulvios place.

We were also pretty tired after over 6 hours of walking so we took the metro back to the house where we relaxed till Fulvio got home from work. He made us pasta while I was doing the dishes and Øyvind went for some beer.

After dinner, we went to the San lorenzo district where we met lots of other Couchsurfers. Several from the day before, but also quite a few new ones that had flown in for the CS meeting in Vico lake.
Nice to know more people…before going..

CS meeting in San Lorenzo district


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