Touring Rome, sleeping and dinner at night

rain.gifThe day started out covered in clouds but throughout the day we had heavy rainfalls and temperatures down to +15C. Not too happy about neither these temperatures nor the rain. Towards the end of the day it cleared up and the sun peeked out behind the clouds.

We started out by taking the metro downtown to the Spanish steps which are well known and a very popular tourist attraction particularly during summer due to all the flowers. The weather looked a bit dodgy, but it didnt rain so we were quite surprised when we were met by the flood of the sins when we came out of the metro station of the Spanish Steps. There was no way to escape the rain so we tried making the best of it. It was really fun to look at all the others running to hide from the rain.

Øyvind showering in front of the Spanish Steps

We decided to go to a pub to wait out the rain and there we had a few drinks before we moved on. We waited and waited and finally the rain stopped somewhat and we continued walking around. We moved towards the famous building of Pantheon. It is quite amazing how the Romans raised this building with the shaped dome with an open hole in the top. The construction techniques were quite advanced back then !


Once we were done at Pantheon we moved towards the museum of the Soldier with no name.  On our way we passed a store that had specialized in clothings for the pope and the cardinals living in the Vatican city. Both Øyvind and I wondered how we would look with a Pope Hat… Hehehe. However we were respectful enough not to try it out :D

When we reached The Vittorio Emmanuelle II the sun peeked out and started warming and drying our wet clothes. We stayed outside a bit until our clothes were a bit more dry before we entered the museum.

Monumento Vittorio Emmanuelle II

Later we went to do some shopping. I bought a few new t-shirts at Zara and changed into one of them right away to not walk around completely wet much longer. Then we started walking home to Fulvios place where both Øyvind and I realized we were quite tired and slept for some hours before Fulvio came home.

He on the other hand had to leave again not long after and Flavio came to visit us and make pasta for us that night. We had some wine and then a nice conversation.

When Flavio left, Øyvind went for a few beers and I sat down in the window post to listen to music and enjoy the night. Fulvio came home around 3 am and played some music for me as well. This song is one of the ones I liked best.

I was asleep before Øyvind came home.


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