CS camp at Vico Lake

When I woke up at 8:30 after the late night last night, I deeply regretted having volunteered to join Flavio and Luca to help with the groceries before the CS Camp. I was dead tired, showered, packed and left the bag for Øyvind and Fulvio to take in the car when they would drive up to Vico later in the day.

I found Flavios side of the town  and I was picked up at metro station there before we  picked up Luca and went to a hypermarket called Metro (similar to Smart Club back home  – where you have to be a member, but can buy huge sized packs and save money on your purchase because of the quantity). We picked up everything we needed for the campers tonight and I picked up 4kgs og parmeggiano cheese as well. !!! Awesome cheese !!!

Once we were done shopping we headed to the camp site and started preparing for the huge party and the amount of people that would be arriving by putting all drinks in the cooler and all the food in the fridge. As more people arrived I was set to registration duty and charging instead and others relieved me in the kitchen service. People had brought huge quantities of snacks and pastries and yummy cakes that were all stored in the kitchen.

Along with the BBQ feast we were going to have outside, we had to prepare huge amounts of pasta and accessoires for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The day passed like this and despite me being kitchen help didnt actually help much because it was so much to do that there was actually no time to eat or even snack. At one point I was so hungry the whole hunger just passed and I went for a zombie rest for a while. Or so it felt… Hehehe.

Someone brought me some food and I regained some strength and the busy day continued.

At 6pm almost all of our guests had arrived and we started lighting up the bonfire and preparing for the outdoor bbq part.

Lighting up the bonfire

Drinks were being served and music was played and the party started rolling. We were almost 70 party participants. Nice, big group !!!

People were cheering when we brought out the meat to be bbq’ed and the lovely smell spread all over the area.

BBQ Party – Group Gathering around the Bonfire

Finally it was time to eat and I was very happy to get some food. I had gone almost all day with hardly anything to eat. I didnt even dare to start drinking alcohol before I had eaten something.

Kitchen slave serving Øyvind, Andressa and Antonello food

After dinner DJ Fulvio started his music and the whole place was turned into a disco in front of the bonfire.

DJ Fulvio in Action

And people started dancing and rocking around.

Rocking around the Bonfire

It was a wonderful ambient and Øyvind, Flavio and I had Vodka shot competitions. Enough food and drinks and lots of fun. Dancing all night. People sitting around all over playing guitar and talking.

Øyvind, Ivana and Roberto – Cheers !

Finally as all tasks were done and all guests fed and happy, I managed to relax and enjoy the party as well.

Flavio and myself – happy to spend some time together again

It was awesome to spend time with my Italian friends that I had met over the summer as well as meet new friends at this camp !

Giovanna, Roberta, Me and Giampiero

At one point during the night we decided it was sleepy time and I was so tired I wasn’t even able to remember to undress myself before I fell asleep. I just cuddled up to the nearest person and fell into a deep sleep.

(which was not so smart, cause during the night the cabin got so hot that I woke up and had to get into the pj at that stage. So much smarter it would have been to have done it right away…. )


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