CS camp at Vico Lake and back to Rome

I woke up an early morning after a late, late night, a bird trampling in the grass outside.

Lets just say – I was a bit hungover, but not more than most of the others in the group. We all helped organize a huge breakfast for all of us inside the kitchen area. People ate in groups and the rest enjoyed the morning sunshine or showered and prepared for a new day or helped cleaning up the campfire area from last night.

Felix plays the fiddle to wake up eager listeners

After breakfast we all went down to the lake to relax and swim and have a good time. Not many people went swimming though. They probably thought the viking Øyvind was insane to do so.

Øyvind and Felix goes for a swim

Relaxing at the beach

People started leaving after the beach session while we stayed behind with a huge group to clean and fix the area back to its original shape. Roberta, our host for tonight left early because she had to visit her mom. Thankfully Fulvio waited for us and gave us a ride home.

For lunch we organized a bonfire with the leftovers from last nights feast :D There was still lots to take from !

Last bonfire

Wow, what a nice day. Great to end our trip this way.  The food was delicious and we even had cake for dessert ! Yummy.

Throughout the day more and more participants left and it was quite sad to say goodbye to many of my new friends.

Fulvio took me and Øyvind back to Rome around 6pm. First we went to his place to gather our luggage and get ready to move over to Robertas house. Thankfully Fulvio was kind enough to drop us off at Robys place where she and Gunilla waited for us. Gunilla is a Swedish Couchsurfer that also attended the pizza night in Rome on saturday. Beautiful personality. Roberta prepared a lovely pasta meal for us for dinner and we had a great time.  We all went early to bed this night. The weekend had taken its toll on us and we were a bunch of happy, but sleepy couchsurfers !


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