Roma to Oslo

Gunilla and I shared room and we woke up pretty late. Around 10 am and we went to wake up Øyvind that was sleeping in the living room.
We had a few hours before we had to leave for the airport and Roberta prepared breakfast for us. She and Gunilla found it hilarious that I put Brown Cheese and Lingonberry jam on the same piece of bread. Øyvind on the other hand just laughed.

Breakfast at Robertas place

After breakfast we finished packing our bags. Gunilla was staying a few more days, but Øyvind and I had to leave. We said our goodbyes to the two girls and took the metro at 12:52 from Robys place to Roma Tiburtina. Then we took the train from there to the Fiumicino airport at 13:15.

We went for a further shopping round in the airport shops. We picked up some nice Italian wine and yummy food products to take home, as well as lots of parmeggiano cheese !!! NIIIIIICE. Ill have for a while. Im brining home heaps !

Out airplane was scheduled to leave at 15:45 however there was a delay from Rome and we didn’t get to take off until an hour later, which left us with pretty little changing time in Paris.

As we guessed, we arrived late in Paris and our next flight was scheduled for boarding when the plane landed and we were lucky enough that we didnt have to cross the whole airport to get to the gate – that way we managed to get there in time by running. In time meaning among the last ones to enter the plane.

Our flight from Charles de Gaulle airport to Oslo left at 19:00 without any negative events. Both Øyvind and I fell asleep during the flight and we landed close to 9pm in Oslo to cold and rainy weather.

Welcome home ! my Ass…

I took the airport bus home at 21:39 and it was so good to be home. My little welcome committee waited for me :D Safiro the beautiful stood in the doorway all super happy mommy was home ! :D

Wow, what a nice way to be welcomed home !


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