Jenn and Anze visiting from Lithuania

This weekend I had visits from Lithuania that was really, really great. Jenn has even been at my place before (in april) although Angie has also been to Norway before but I had not had the pleasure of meeting her before. From they came till they left we had an awesome time and lots of fun. They arrived at night on friday and we made dinner before we had some drinks in the couch and enjoyed great conversations and did some catching up from last time. :D

On saturday the girls went to the city centre to do touristing and I did a shopping trip to Smart Club, Alna senteret and IKEA to look for christmas gifts. I got several of the done and feel a lot better. When the girls came home again we made dinner, had a pre party and prepared for going out :D We had plans to go to Daniels house for a pre-party there and the only thing I regret was that we arrived so late. The place was packed, completely and so many cool people :D We had an awesome time. I had even brought a home made chocolate cake that was finished in only an hour. They liked it yeah :D I met several new people that was great to meet and it was lots of fun to meet up with people again. I have spent two weeks at home due to my cold so it was great to see people again.
Jenn wanted to have a Manhattan so we left the party at Daniels house around 1am and went to Cafe Sor in Torggata where we had a Manhattan. It was great to be out again and we were kind of exhausted when we got the nightbus home :D Jenn half fell asleep a couple of times on the bus as well. It was great to be home and find the bed !!! :D

Sunday was a quite lazy day. So good to have some of those as well. Jenn and Angie also talked me into buying a ticket to Lithuania (Vilnius) first weekend in Febuary. They were really persistent :D So persistent that they found me the ticket – really cheap airfare – and manily forced me to buy it :D I think its gonna be great though !!!

When they left I started chatting with Flavio and we kept it going till the Member Dispute meeting on skype with the other team members. The meeting lasted for 2,5 hours and it was our first so it was great to get to know the other team-members and talk with them. After this Fla and I continued speaking for some hours before going to bed.


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