First meeting with my new baby sister Ellen

cloudy.gifWeather was quite good, light clouds that sat over oslo when I left and continued all the way down to Sannidal. 3 Hours from Oslo.

I woke up early and I did the dishes before I packed my bags and ran off to catch the train to the city. On my way to the train I called my sister and my friend Jorunn. My sister for her to come drop the christmas gifts off at the bus station and my friend to stop by and take care of the cat. Poor little kitty will be alone for a day and a half. He, who doesnt like to stay alone even for a full work day will not like this so luckily Jorunn were gonna stop by with Margaret to cuddle the animal a bit. He will like that.
I met my sister at the bus station and she handed over all christmas gifts that they had bought for my dad and the family. She knew half the passengers on the bus and several stopped by to speak with us.
At 10 we set off. I had the best place ever, all up in front with lots of space even for stretching the legs. My seat mate was the father of an old school friend and we talked a lot during the whole trip. The trip became quite enjoyable and passed pretty quick :D
We even told each other a couple of jokes.

I arrived my fathers house at 1pm and it was great to see them all again. Linda was at a friends house and had to be told her big sister had already arrived. I was attacked when she arrived. Its so nice with tiny sisters :D
The greatest experience of the day was to get to know the newest member of the family, baby Ellen. She just turned 6 weeks and she is so tiny :D
A really cute child that smiles a lot, she hardly cries and she smiles a lot. We had a great time and I was served Pizza for for dinner and snacks for the night. We also watched Harry Potter – the order of the phoenix with Linda. That was fun. At least she liked it. I had already seen it but dont mind watching it again. :D We all went to bed after watching the movie as it became late even for us grown-ups.


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