Pre Christmas Party with Dad and the family

Today was a cloudy day and lots of snow in Telemark. Though as we entered Oslo it rained. Crap.

I had big problems sleeping tonight cause my dad wanted my door to be open since the heat was on in my room. That meant that when they all started walking around in the middle of the night I woke up a number of times. The baby sleeps with grandmom downstairs and this way they had to go up and down when she woke up and wanted food. I obviously shut the door to the room to sleep and my dad came down to open it and then I closed it again.

Apart from that it was great. We had breakfast together and Linda and Ida (her friend) played most of the day. I was handed baby Ellen and she fell asleep on my lap as I was rocking the chair. Quite funny to see the little creature sleep in my arms. She is quite beautiful.

We had Pastel for lunch. Thats a typical Brazilian meat dish baked in a dow. Frankly quite tasty :D Grandmom Mathilde was the chef :D After lunch Linda and I went outside to shuwel some snow. My father took the tractor and went to the cabin area and cleaned the roads up there. After having spent some time outside I fell asleep and just woke up in time for dinner. Wonderful Chicken dish :D Also Brazilian recipe.

My bus back to Oslo left at 4:10pm and my father took me there. All christmas gifts exchanged I left with as much as I came with :D The 3 hours in bus were quite boring to be frank but the lady next to me was almost melting and I was freezing so when we exchanged seats I finally warmed up and fell asleep almost instantly. :D Arriving home I did a lot of work. I fixed the couch, did the dishes and washed the covers for the couch as well. I also did some organizing for NYE and that was great. Finally it seems like I manage to get an overview.


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