Holidays in Trondheim. Christmas at grandmas

winter vacation :D Weee. Really happy about that .. i still need to work a few more hours before all done and be officially on vacation but.. Im off and in Trondheim at my grand mothers house now :D

I started out the day by installing a few programs on my laptop for work to do a documentation later. Still a lot to do at work. I also did the last piece of laundry and dishes and set up bills for payment :) So Im all set for vacation.

My mom and stepdad came to pick me up at mid day and we started travelling all the way up to Trondheim. The trip took 8 hours and poor Saffi was scared shitless of the cardrive the 2 first hours… He meowed and was shaking and really desperate. Then after our first stop he calmed down. LIke he understood he was gonna come with me all the way – not just get dropped off somewhere and separated from me again.

Then he relaxed and the little cat sat for the rest of my trip on my lap under a fleece cover and slept like a baby. I also watched a norwegian movie called cold prey (fritt vilt) on my laptop. And to complete the trip i also managed to watch 2 chapters of Men in trees. :D Finally updated on that show :d

As we had arrived grams had prepared a nice evening meal for us all and all cousins and uncles and aunt that also lives in the house joined in on a happy meal. I got my old room in the top floor. I used to live here like 11 years ago :D Ouch.. time passes by so quickly. scary. My cousin Ingrid and I shared room and we had a really fun time – on each our laptop on each our mattrass on the floor. hehehe. The kid is pretty cool and we had lots of fun talking.


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