Joy of Christmas

we woke up by kitty walking all over us meowing – hoping to draw our attention. In his opinion… we had slept enough :D

So we went downstairs for breakfast and were immediately put to action on working and helping out. Doing dishes, preparing breakfast, and then .finally breakfast. after breakfast i helped grams clean in the kitchen drawers and … well. mainly i actually helped her throw away old stuff.. hehehe.. The oldest item of the day…. expired in 1995 !!!!!! Cheesus.. Why save things for 12 years? And she had lots of stuff that expired in 1996, 1997 and so on.. I threw away A LOT….

Then I helped my aunt baking and ended up with 4 cakes. All gluten free so that cousin Ingrid can eat them too. Better that way :D I did grocery shopping and slaved around. In the evening we all stayed downstairs having fun and talking a lot :D My sister and my brother-in-law arrived at 8:30 ish pm and then we had dinner. All the family gathered around the table. Quite entertaining :D 2 more days till christmas eve :D

Ingrid (my cousin) didnt want to sleep in the top floor tonight cause Tron (my step dad)s mom had been puking all day and she didnt want to get infected. Fair enough.. No one else wants too but the old lady has not been in my room and im not very worried.. Maybe I should be. Hehehe.. NAH


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