Trondheim For Christmas !! Last preparations coming to an end

Norway is at its darkest today. And the sun turns.. From today the days will get longer and longer every day :D

Fantastic !!!!!

I woke up quite late. 10:30 and went downstairs to join on breakfast preparations. Mom was already at it for washing more drawers and closets and throwing away stuff :D after breakfast i skipped kitchen duty and did bathroom duty instead :D That mainly mean… I put togheter a new closet in the bathroom, then i joined my uncle on shopping rounds and had fun with the kids and then more working :D

I also joined my uncle for the famous round of parting out christmas gifts and one of the best stops was at my grandmothers sisters house. She is always so calm about all and One of her kids was also at home :D Or, can we really call them kids when they are almost 40? It was great to see them both and I cant wait for dec 25 for their christmas party :D

When we got back we had the traditional christmas dinner with rice cooked with milk. Normally we make a huge portion and save some for the dessert that is typical on christmas eve :D No can do. After that we all watched the same christmas show as all years on dec 23 following all traditions :D

And the official duties of the day was over. As for the last updates on the NYE party.. Some new people joined today as well. .scary how many we are now… 82 signed up people :D

Gonna be awesome :D

Had some great chats before going to bed. :D just a few more days now :D


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