End of old, start of something new ! Happy New Year to all !

The new year has come and I have been amazingly busy and later tired as we entered the new year.

Christmas came and me and my family spent it at my grandmothers house. That was really nice. Me and Saffi travelled with my mom and Tron and Trons mom. Kitty was terrified of travelling in a car and I felt so sad for him as he was trembling and stressing, even hyperventilating for the 2 first hours. After we stopped and he saw that he was not gonna be left anywhere he realaxed heaps but was still a bit stressed. We arrived after a long trip and we were welcomed by grams with delicious food and good company.

For the next few days we helped my grandmom to get everything ready for christmas. Ingrid and Christian came after us the next day at night and they helped as well. We had to do all the baking, decorating, cleaning and fixing of stuff so that it would be ready in time for christmas. Then Eva (Trons mom) got sick with the diarrhea and she spent the next days throwing up. Ouch. Worse off. Tron got it on christmas eve. I got it on the 25th and the celebration of christmas was kind of put a show stopper to due to all the sick people.

I was thrilled over all the nice christmas gifts I got. I got books, christmas decoration, furniture and my grams had knit me winter socks. I got towels and candy and money. A good christmas :D On the 25 we spent the day at my grams sisters house. It was nice to see them again too :D My moms cousins and aunt and families. We dont see them exactly often. This was the day i got sick. I spent all night in the bathroom and at some points I wasnt even concious. Fever was killing me and the travel down to Oslo on the 26th was really really hard. I should have stayed in Trondheim instead. But I had promised. My italian friends Flavio and Luca arrived with plane at Gardermoen at 5pm and I had to pick them up. No mercy. Kitty was afraid of the train too but at least this time he learned that he sometimes get to travel with me and not only is left with someone when I travel. I think he prefers to be with me. He is too bound to me this way.

When the guys arrived I had been waiting for 30 minutes already and all day I had only had 2 dl of juice to drink and 2 dl of water. I felt so sick but only fever left. We spent the night in my house as Flavio still was sick from Flu as well. It was nice to see them again. On the 27th-28th we travelled to Denmark to get cheap booze. Lucas amazed impression of this being one of the strangest things he had ever done – travel to another country on a cruise ship just to party and drink booze – still makes me laugh. Paula was the nice host of the trip. She had gotten us free tickets and this is the only time ever I have traveled with single cabins, eating in the crews cantine and getting reduced prices on tax free. We had an awesome time. Unfortunately I was still sick and went to bed early. In the morning when we arrived Denmark we went on shore and did some sightseeing while rain poored down on us. We also stopped to get the booze for the NYE party. On our way back home we mainly slept but met Paula for dinner at 5. We had some time for tax free. We arrived 19:30 to my house and there waited Giampiero and Simona. We relaxed a bit before going to Fla and Lucas new host with their stuff and then headed to night life in the city to meet up with even more Italian CSers at TGiF in Karl Johan.

On the 29th I stayed home all afternoon while Giampy and Simo toured the city, preparing stuff for the New Year party. I met them and a bunch of other CSers for ice skating in Spikersuppa at 6pm and then at 7:30 we went to a mongolian restaurant for dinner. After we went met more and more people and soon our group was 20 people big. We went to out for drinks at a bar close to the central station and we had a great time.

On the 30th Giampy and Simo were out touristing again and I had Henry pick me up to get all my stuff over to Aarvoll farm where the party was going to be held. This is definately the biggest party Ive been to for New Years and arranging it myself had my stresslevel quite high. One after one they arrived the location and we started cooking and preparing food and decorating. I arrived at 3pm and left at 11pm. We made dinner and had fun together.

Monday 31 I continued preparing food and stressing all morning with preparations. Luckily I had a lot of fantastic helpers for decorating, preparing and making food !!!!! I was picked up and taken to party location by Finn that also helped me do some last minute shopping. When Wendy came around 3 I had already worked since 9 and decided to get an hour sleep and get dressed. I left with Giampy and Simona at 5:30 in a cab to get all our stuff to the place. Cakes, jello, computer and I dont even remember it all any more :D Things kind of got in over my head. At Aarvoll the local newspaper had arrived to interview us. Quite amazing that CSers from 18 countries gather in Norway on a farm just for a party !

In the end – the New year party was a success with 83 participants. We had booze and drinks and food (included apetizers, main course and dessert and snacks) for all of them for 200 NOK. (35 Euro). That is quite amazing. The party went on and great music played all night. At some point Vibeke and Camilla kinapped me and Luca and a bottle of champagne that we went upstairs to drink. I never had champagne right from the bottle before and it was quite fun. Flavio came looking for us after a while and joined in. Right before midnight we all went outside and watched the firework popping all around us and toasting in champagne for the new year. I had a great and long conversation with Olina outside after midnight.

Parts of my celebration was put a break on due to an evil toungue. My defenses were down and the words hit me as knives in my heart. Especially since this is a person I respected and looked up to for experience. I ended up completely heart broken because of jealousy and someone not being able to communicate what they really wanted or needed, attacking others instead. I also realized after this moment that I am surrounded by people that care about me and love me and that will protect me and help me. But what was said cant be undone and it hurted and it put me out of state for days. It was a hard start to the new year. Especially after so much stress and being sick and preparing and making sure the party would be a great thing for everyone there. I finished up at 10am on the first with good help from many many people that during the night helped cleaning and washing and making sure all guests were enjoying themselves. In the end we were just 6 people left cleaning and we were all so tired.

One great thing happened this morning – i got a phone call from my good friend in Costa Rica, Victor. It was a great surprise that I really really appreciated. I cant tell how much I appreciated being remembered by him just at that moment :D

After sleeping some hours I woke up and was called to meet up for dinner downtown and although downtown in that moment was far away I was too tired to make any food anyways and decided to go. I think I should have stayed at home. I was so tired I hardly managed to sit and almost fell asleep several times. I left early. Thank you John for accompanying me that day !

On the 2nd I was supposed to go back to work. I had no possibilities. Due to the stress, the evil tounge and being set back from being so tired I got the diarrhea and throwups back. Not to stop with that I struggled with anxiety on top of it. I stayed in bed till friday 4th when I met Flavio for coffee and then on saturday we met again with Bente, Wendy and two friends of Flavio for dinner at another mongolian restaurant. It was like a good bye dinner for F. Wendy and I met up with Oyvind and Federica after this and then I went home. Thanks Wendy :)

Mainly a lot more happened but it has nothing to do in a blog :D It will be written in the sand instead where the wind of forgiving can erase it…

But. Im ready for new winds to blow in my hair. Im ready for new memories to be made and Im ready for what life has in mind for me. It doesnt matter if someone wants to keep me down instead of supporting me. What matters are all the ones that does support me and what I do. The ones that matters are the ones that love me for me and wants to see me succeed. The first few days of this year didnt turn out like I hoped, but… it doesnt matter. Life is full of surprises and I have so much to be thankful for, to be happy for and to look foreward for. Im glad for every day the sun shines in my life and Im happy for every day I am healthy.

I wish you all a fantastic Year in 2008. I wish you luck, happiness and love. Take care !


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