Visit to my dads house and Ellens baptism

Later, on the bus, I read and finished, with all the insight and empathy Khaled Hosseinis novel A thousand splendid suns. I was so in my own world I didnt care about the people on the bus, that I was travelling or anything around me (except from those damn tunnels that came too many, too often, and took away the light in the cabin so that I could not continue to read as long as we were in the tunnel). As the story developed – I laughed and I cried, with no worries about the world around me. This is, along with The Kite Runner (same author) one of the strongest novels I have read in ages. It touches you deep inside – if you let it, of course – and it is one of the books you will remember forever.

Author Isabel Allende has said about The Kite Runner:
A wonderful work…. This is one of those unforgettable stories that stay with you for years. All the great themes of literature and of life are the fabric of this extraordinary novel: love, honor, guilt, fear redemption…. It is so powerful that for a long time everything I read after seemed bland.

I finished up in good time before arriving destination and my father waited for me and helped me with my luggage. It was great to see them again too. We had some late lunch when I got there with Moose meat. About 3 hours after I arrived my Sister Ingrid and Christian arrived as well and the evening was spent catching up and having a great time. Ellen had grown heaps since we last saw her and Linda was dieing to get some attention from the big sisters. Although she was feverish and not as active as she normally is.

We all go up and ready for church and dressed in our nicest clothes. Both Ingrid and I and our aunt Signe were all chosen to be Godparents for Ellen. Linda had her task too and after the baptism was over she lit the candle and dried Ellens hair. 4 girls were baptised today and the one sitting in front uf us was a real charmer. She was some months older than the others and had started toothing. She had 4 teeth where 2 were placed in the upper mouth and two down. The 2 up were placed like fangs and every time she laughed she looked so funny :D
The mass was long and not too exiting but I cant say I find my God inside a church. To me He is outside in the nature, when the wind blows or the sun hits the morning dew on a plant. Oh, I could keep going but no point. :D

After the mass we went back home with all the guests for the baptism and had great food in good company. My dads uncle Erling and aunt Ingeborg (grandmas sister) were present and its clear age is creepin upon them. My dads friends Aasmund and Britt, Jon-Kristian and Tove were also present and us sisters and Signe of course. A nice party of 13 we were. included children and grown ups. Little Ellen didnt like the bunch of us digging into the food without her getting any and she started crying. The little one doesn cry much though. A quiet little lady.

Around 4 the guests started splitting up and we stayed a bit behind to help clean up a bit and talk before we headed back to Oslo. Christian and Ingrid let me off at my place at 8:30pm so we werent so late at home.
Kitty was real happy I was back. After that I solved a bunch of CUQs on Couchsurfing before going to bed.


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