Vilnius – Mamma Mia

I woke up around 10:30ish and both Jenn and Peter had left for their daily activities with Uni and work. I prepared for a long day walking around Vilnius. The sun was up as I went out and I got some band-aid for my blisters from yesterday :D That helped immediately. Then I got myself breakfast at MacDonalds. Wooohoo. Culinaric exclusivity – hahahaha.

After walking all the way up the main street, Gedimino street, and half way back again, I found the KGB museum – the museum of genocide victims (See also here) where lots of uniforms and things were shown from the days of the occupation by the Soviets. The tour gave us information about the period of occupation, the KGB prison and the tiny cells they prisoners had to share. They also had an execution chamber down there. In the 3rd floor they had information about the deportation and museum articles from the deported lithuanians.

Out in the sun again I walked up a street I had not been to and tried getting lost without loosing track. I made it back to the presidential palace and I found the market street (Pilies street) where I bought a few souvenirs and post cards. I met Jenn at 3pm and we went to Vingio Parkas to hand over a football and some cones to the ski team Jenn is teaching. She is one of the coaches for the National Lithuanian Alpine team. They are still kids and juniors and one is 21 years old but thats about it. So hopefully she helps creating future gold medal winners!!!!
We had cake and hot chocolate at a cafe nearby before we went back home to shower and dress to go out for the night.

Jenn and Angie took me for dinner at the very traditional Lithuanian restaurant, Zemaiciai in Vilnius Old Town.
It was amazingly kozy and had this cool ancient atmosphere.

IMG_7390-2.JPGSeemingly buried inside an ancient catacomb. Zemaiciai has more ambiance and trappings than you’ll be able to enjoy in one visit.

Each one of its labyrinthine appendages is exquisitely adorned with medieval ornaments and decor to the point where you’d expect gents in tights and feathered caps to saunter in and draw their swords on you. Though on the pricey side for Vilnius to be, Zemaiciai pulls out all the stops to convince you you’ve gone back in time.
Even if you’re not eating, a wander around the interior is worthwhile.
I ordered something I had never eaten before. A Wild Bore Goulash dish. It tasted really good !! And we shared a bottle of Santa Helena white wine. Great as well :D

After dinner we went to the Siemens Arena, where we had tickets for the musical Mamma mia, in Taxi.
One thing to know about Lithuania, ALWAYS pre-order taxi. If right from the street without pre-ordering the prices for the service will cost you double than what the taxameter will show.
Our Taxidriver was of the funny kind and he left us safely at the entrance.

Jenn showed tickets, our purses were searched for cameras. Sometimes its smart to have so much stuff in the purse that they dont bother to search through all :D

The show was spectacular and since it was my first time to actually see it I was more than pleased. My two friends had a great time too and we were all thrilled about the show. The lead singers had great voices and it was great colors and everything was great.

When the show was over we took another cab back to the old town where we shared a bottle of Suave classico at In Vino bar. At this time of night it was PACKED. Hardly no place to stand in the main room of the bar so we got a table in the back room. After the first bottle of wine we decided for one more but they were closing the room we sat in so we brought home a bottle instead and watched a scary movie !!! YEAH
Identity with John Cusack. Great movie. I guessed the plot too quick though :D, but I didnt get it all. Movie was great. Hehehe. We followed up with an episode of Sex in the city before Angie left to go home in PJ :D
Jenn went up with Snayga and I fell asleep downstairs on my couch.


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