Vilnius & Trakai

First time I woke up this morning, was when Peter came home at 6am. Next time was when Jenn left at 8am. Jenn went with the national alpine team to train them (as she is one of the coaches) for a day trip to Ignalina. I fell asleep immediately after again and suffered no severe consequenses for waking up :D (Ok, I know. Bad humour – hehe)

I finally woke up at 11 and showered before I headed to theHansa Bankas to exchange some more money. As it was a saturday, the line was long and I had to wait for more than 30 minutes for my turn. I got my Litas and took off to find an internet cafe. As I was starving I looked all around for a food store and Rimi appeared as a salvation where I entered to find something to have for breakfast.

I bought some stuff I knew what was and decided to try something new. Out of the try something new decition. It was a split result. I found something I really liked a lot and something that was waaaay sweet and not exactly something i was too happy about.
It didnt satisfy my hunger :D But it was fun and that was the important part !! I continued walking around in Vilnius old town and found back to Pilies street where I found an Internet cafe to check my mail and a few other things.

Anze sent me a message about 12:45 to meet at 13:00 by the cathedral so I left the internet cafe and we drove her sister home before we drove towards Trakai, that is located 28 kms from Vilnius, and to a restaurant called The fishermens place (In Lithuanian: Zveju Namai) where we had plans to have our lunch !

At this restaurant / resort they are lots of ponds where you can fish your own fish and then they will cook it for you while you wait for your dish. It was soo cool.
The fishing was fun. It took me some time to catch mine, and it was freezing outside with a cold wind on top, but finally I got one and it was big as well :D !!!
Anze had done this a few times before and catched hers in just a few minutes. They were both huge fishes, over 1 kg each !

After fishing we delivered our catch to the men in the hut under the restaurant where they bbqed them while we waited upstairs in the restaurant. We had chosen to BBQ them with 4 different kind of spices and they tasted fantastic !!!
They were split in 4 and cooked with open. We had only fish and local lithuanian beer.

Due to the size of the fish we had no chance finishing it all up, but that was no problem. They just packed up the rest for us to take home :D

IMG_7442.JPG After lunch we went to the city of Trakai.

The main attraction of this little city is a beautiful castle on an island, the Trakai Island Castle, in the middle of the Galve lake.

This castle dates back to the 14th century and was begun by the monarch of medieval Lithuania, Kestutis. Trakai was one of the main centres of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the castle held great strategic importance.

We went for a walk along the shores of Galve, watching some beautiful swans sitting on the ice covered lake, crossed the bridge to the island and walked around the beautiful castle.
There was a lot of tourists, but also locals that enjoyed the saturday outside Vilnius. As day passed and it got later we went back to Vilnius again, where I met up with Jenn that just arrived home exactly at the same time as Anze went home. Jenn had had a beautiful day skiing with the kids of the skiing team.

IMG_7469-2.JPGJenn and I watched several episodes of Sex in the City and had some vodka to relax and get ready for the night.

At 8:30pm we left the house for dinner. Jenn took me to a traditional Lithuanian restaurant where we had some fantastic food !!
The menu was the traditional (bread fried with garlic and cheese sauce), porc with mashed potato, sour crout, vegetables and the best mushroom sauce ever.

For dessert: chocolate cheesecake!!! Can it get better?

We had white wine with the meal and after we had a shot of ………… (75% alcohol).

After dinner we went to the movies. The film we watched is one of the best films I have seen lately. We both agreed on that.
PS, I love you ! is the name of it with Gerard Butler and Hillary Swank.
See links to movie here:

There is one thing to say about this movie. It is beautiful, romantic, fantastic and we lasted 5 minutes before we started crying. From all the snifs around us, we were not the only ones. We cried throughout the movie…
… I wish I had someone that cared that much about me …

We also decided after watching this movie, that next time we meet it will be in Ireland ! Hehehe.

It doesnt arrive to Norway until march 28 so I think Ill gather a group and go see it again :D When its time for that, It will be in my DVD collection.


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