Lithuania to Norway

For most of the night some drunk street singers had been howling outside a nearby bar. Police had been called in a few times and not managed to quiet them.
I woke up around 10ish. Jenn a bit later. As she came down from her room she told me that the street singers from the bar last night had started again at 4:45 (I had slept through all that).

IMG_7474.JPGWe relaxed a bit while we prepared for meeting Anze for a breakfast together.
Jenn and I walked past the presidential palace to a cafe in Pilies street, right next to the souvenir shop where I got the knitted hat yesterday. We ordered fresh juice and Anze came just before we were ready to order.

Jenn and I had crepes (she with ham and cheese and mine with banana and chocolate) and Angie had Potato pancakes (Bulviniai Blynai) with salmon and sour cream sauce. That was sooooo good Jenn and I ordered a plate of that dish too! (We did not order dessert though).

Breakfast was great. Company of Jenn and Anze was great and we had an awesome time. Anze had to go to work a few hours after breakfast and Jenn took me walking in the city and we picked up a few souvenirs and stuff. We went to two malls: xxxx and Europa.
Europa was a nice mall, but prices were kind of stiff.

We took the bus home since we had walked through half the city and were lazy. On the bus we had 2 russian Metallica fans drinking vodka and discussing the english names of the Metallica songs. Then came in a Lithuanian guy, that obviously was on his way home from a party, that started speaking to us. Or – US, mostly Jenn since my skills of Lithuanian stops at Hello and thank you! We started speaking Norwegian among us and the dude started speaking to us in french :D We decided it was time to get off the bus :D

We stopped for a drink at MacDonalds and continued down the main street Gedimino towards the cathedral where I took some more pictures before we headed home. It was already 4:30 pm and Peter was awake and making breakfast/lunch when we got home. Jenn copied all the pictures I had taken into a CD to bring home while we relaxed a bit in front of the TV.

Angie came to pick us up at 5:15 to take me to the airport. We had no traffic problems and it was sad saying good bye to these two girls that has offered me so much hospitality and made my visit to Lithuania so awesome !!!! THANK YOU GIRLS !!!!

At the airport I went right to check in and control zone. Its one of the smallest airports I have been at. 4 tax free stores only and a few gates. But it had what it needed and I didnt have to wait for long until we could board the plane.
I spent almost the full time of the flight to read the Alchemist (in english this time – the 16 other times was in norwegian) that is one of my favourite books.
Only problem we had during the flight was a little turbulence, but apart from that a great flight. I got the emergency exit seat and could enjoy lots of space for my long legs !!! Weeeee.

As we arrived Gardermoen I called my mom to let her know we landed safe and to congratulate her with mothers day :D
I also called a few friends and my sister. My luggage came quick and the airport shuttle was ready to go so everything just turned out perfectly for the connections.

Tor and Margaret came over with Saffi and all was back to normal. I logged on to my computer and kitty and I sat down to solve a few MD CUQs :D
Nite folks :D


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