Long weekend in Bremen to meetup with friends

Some few weeks ago I hosted Fernando from Mexico for a long weekend. We had a lot of fun and he lives in Bremen, Germany where also a few other of my Couchsurfing friends live. This weekend Sanna is organizing a barbeque party and my Bremen friends AND Anick-Marie (AM) are all coming to meet up. Even a few Norwegian friends will be in Bremen for this party.

I set off in the morning to get the bus down to Torp, Sandefjord, to get the plane to Bremen. I Had a nice flight – quite uneventful – before we landed in Bremen around 2pm. I took the metro downtown, locked up my luggage in the lockers at Hauptbahnhof and then I started walking around by myself to take a look at the city.

The Downtown Wind-Mill

I had a nice time walking around while I waited for my host, Fernando, to get off work. We had arranged to meet up at Hauptbahnhof at 5pm and since my stuff was locked up anyways we went for a walk in the city. We walked around for hours through the shopping areas, the old house areas and we had dinner at a seafood restaurant. Then we had more ice cream before we walked up and down the river where we watched the sun set.

Beautiful Sunset over Bremen

Then we had a few pints in one of the riverside restaurants before we went to pick up my luggage and then go home.

A lovely day!

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