Dinner & Tequila Party with CS friends in Bremen

Fernando had to work today and left early. I was allowed to stay in the apartment and I also spent my day working – from “home”. No time for touristing today, but its still nice to be away on adventures even if you do have to work. At the end of the workday I left the apartment and met up with Fernando and together we met Jon at Hauptbahnhof and then we all went home to Fernandos place to make dinner. When Fernando Couchsurfed my place in Oslo, I took him to see Jon, that is one of my good friends back home.

We decided to cook some pasta dish and invited a few people over for dinner and a party that same night.  We went to the nearby Aldi store where we picked up dinner ingredients, alcohol for todays party, and a huge watermelon and a bottle of Vodka.

The reason for the water melon is that tomorrow we are all invited to this CS Party at Sannas (Susanna) house. Sanna has a huge garden and lots of space for a BBQ Party. Hence – we decided to spice up the party somewhat and bring the famous party fruit: Vodka WaterMelon

This is how you make Vodka Melons

Vodka Melon
1 Medium Large WaterMelon
1 Bottle of VodkaPreparations:
Lay the Melon in a steady position
Cut a whole in the Melon (5cm max)

Stick the Vodka Bottle upside down into the hole in the Melon.
Let stand like this until bottle is empty.

Preparations demand at least 20-24 hours for the alcohol to fully be absorbed into the Melon.

As we prepared the Vodka Melon we also started cooking dinner. A nice pasta dish – not too difficult or time consuming. A few of Fernandos flat mates joined in as well as Jon and we invited a few Couchsurfers as well, but only Sanna was able to make it.

Jon, Fernando and a flatmate of his

Sanna arrived after dinner and we had a fantastic party – the content of the Tequila bottle disapeared with the sun and we had a great time. I have no recollection of when our guests left or when we went to bed, we sure laughed a lot though !

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