Vodka Melons and Chicken Breasts with Olives

Todays activities started out with Fernando and myself  rushing downtown to meet up with Anick-Marie, Dave Deuker and a few other Bremen Couchsurfers !
I have waited for a long time (too long) to finally meet AM again! (AM and I work together in Couchsurfing MDST and keep in touch daily through our volunteer work as well as our in-life meeting when I hosted her 10 days last febuary).

We met up at 11’ish outside Hauptbahnhof, Bremen, where there were hugs and kisses and lots of joy.  Then we went to Dave’s place to chat and relax a bit before we went for a long nice walk around the streets of Bremen.

At 3pm we had an invitation to Susannas house to a huge BBQ and CS Party and this is where we were going to. However first we just had to go home to Fernandos house to pick up the Vodka Melon that we made yesterday along with some Norwegian whale meat that I brought in for the BBQ party. Then the whole group went to the groceries store, picked up drinks and hot-dogs and snacks like olives (that went really well with Chicken Breasts), chips and cookies to bring for the party. At this point we had already shared a few drinks at Dave’s place, we continued in the bus on our way to Sannas place and we were all having an incredibly funny time.

Jokes about the legendary Melons and the Olives on Chicken Breasts… Legendary party mood.

We arrived at Sannas place around 4:30 ish – a bit later than we had originally planned and it was packed with people already. Weather was a bit unstable, however sun was shining most of the time, but the sky was also loaded with clouds.

We prepared our food, we had drinks, we shared our snack and good laughs, The melon was cut and served (without telling anyone that it was full of alcohol of course – much to the enjoyment of all the people that knew about the content) and the whale – the rich and tasty whale meat. I cut all the pieces of the meat in tiny chunks so that everyone that wanted to could be allowed to taste it. It seemed like a lot of people wanted to – the meat disappeared quite quick.

Preparing food, Sharing drinks and good talks

And then people had to hide. We were lucky enough to be visited by a thunderstorm.

Some dancing in the Rain – Others hiding under their umbrellas


Hanging Tents from the trees to save the BBQs from getting too wet

The thunderstorm passed quickly and at this particular party I actually think the rainfall created a very good diversion. We had a fantastic time – despite the thunderstorm. And it created a lot more laughs than if if would have not rained. Wet clothes dried up real fast – the rain was exhanged with burning sun and wind and we continued that party.


Everyone was in such good mood that we quickly decided to continue the party when we were done at Sannas. We all helped clean up and then we went downtown to a nice bar.

AM and myself

The party at the bar continued into the early morning hours and then we moved on to Daves apartment for the afterparty! Here we got more alcohol from a nearby open liquor store (Good thing we are in Germany and not in Norway) and we went on to the roof of his house. We were possibly 10-15 people on the roof watching the trains pass, talking and having fun. Party was over when the sun started getting up in the morning and we had to catch the last tram back home to my hosts place.

For more pictures from this party and this trip: Check Here

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