Walk along the river and relaxing in the sun

I must admit that waking up today – I may not have felt superfresh in my head after these two previous days of partying – however, being away just for a few days – you dont really get to relax and feel sorry for yourself.
That is why we had planned to meet the others by the riverbank  to enjoy the day in the sun and tan and swim. Fernando and I walked over there. We brought some lunch and drinks and called the others to let them know where we were. They had already started off with a bicycle tour (they also lived farther away from where we were to meet) around Bremen and were on their way to meet us.

Dave, Fernando and Thomas

A lot of the people from the party yesterday joined us.


It was lovely spending the day in the sun and just relaxing :D However at a certain point we all got hungry and decided to go to Fernandos place and there we all chipped in on food and helped making a lovely meal.

No huge party today – We kept it tranquil :D Phew :D But Oh so nice ! I’ve had a great time !


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