Weekendtrip to Stockholm in Sweden

This weekend I am in Stockholm for a Couchsurfing Nordic Ambasssadors reunion. All the Ambassadors for the project in the Nordic region are gathered to meet and greet and discuss how to enrichen and strengthen CS locally in the Nordic region.

I met up with my friend Ricard at Gardermoen airport after work and together we went to check in and then through the security. We had both booked the same flight to Stockholm so we could travel together.

We landed in Stockholm at 6pm and went directly to the Friday night CS gathering at Lasse i Parken i Södermalm where everyone were Stockholm CS group had arranged for all of use to meet up.

The CS group at Lasse i Parken

We were greeted by a huge amount of great people like Gunilla, Martin, Ellie, James, Magnus, Anni, Brie, Felix, Birgit, Marcus, Gustav and many many others. It was a great meeting with so many good people again and we had a blast of a night :D

Marcus, Brie, Ricard and Birgit

Throughout the evening we had lots of fun and lots of hugs and good laughs.

Myself and Martin

Gunilla, my host, and I went home to her place around midnight after a great party. It was so nice to meet her again !


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